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  • Excellent service in coordinating my property damage restitution matter. Mr. Clark was always available when I needed him, returned all my calls in...


  • He [Ryan Clark] is a very knowledgeable and respectable lawyer hands down. I was recommended to him by one of my coworkers who knows him very well and...

  • As a fellow attorney, I could detail the magnificent way the gentleman at this firm handles each and every case. I could write about how they work every...

    Mike Rose

  • My family hired Mr. Clark after having a bad experience with another attorney who first took on my brother’s case. From the beginning, Mr. Clark...

    K. Chalen

  • I recommend them to everyone, they are the best! And will actually fight for you and know people to talk to. I would recommend them for anything and...

    A. Azevedo

  • My ex-girlfriend had me charged with harassment and filed a temporary restraining order against me over something I said to her. It wasn’t a nice...

    Clark, Clark & Noonan Client

    Monmouth County

  • I was charged with forging a court document during a divorce proceeding. All I kept thinking was that I was going to have a felony on my record and...

    Clark, Clark & Noonan Client

    Middlesex County

  • I never really got in any trouble in my life but over last two years I seemed to step into one mess after another. I wound up getting charged with a...

    Clark, Clark & Noonan Client

    Hudson County

  • When I hired Ryan Clark I had been falsely accused of domestic violence and had both criminal charges in municipal court and a restraining order in...

    Clark, Clark & Noonan Client

    Monmouth County

  • My son was charged with criminal mischief as a juvenile and I was concerned about what the charges might do to his record. My son and I went in to see...

    Clark, Clark & Noonan Client

    Monmouth County

  • “When my family went out and found Ryan Clark to represent me I had already been sitting in jail for months, falsely accused of Second Degree...

    Clark, Clark & Noonan Client

    Ocean County

What We Do

Our Legal Services

We Fight for Our Clients

At Clark, Clark, & Noonan, LLC, your case is everything. Whether you were arrested for DWI or charged with a serious offense, our goal will be the same: clearing your name with a full dismissal of the charges against you. When you work with a New Jersey criminal lawyer from our criminal defense law firm, you can count on your case to be prepared for trial from day one.

We want to see you return to your life as it was before the criminal charges were leveled against you. We will not be satisfied with anything less than the best possible outcome for your case. Our criminal defense attorneys know how to collect all of the available evidence, build a powerful defense, and exhaust all legal options when it comes to representing our clients.

We Do Not Give Up

Our criminal law attorneys have successfully handled over 1,000 criminal cases and tried over one hundred felony cases in court in front of juries. We aren’t afraid of the courtroom. Other defense firms might try to get you to plead guilty and accept a plea bargain almost as soon as they’ve been retained. That doesn’t happen at Clark, Clark, & Noonan, LLC.

We regard plea bargains as a last resort option only. While we can successfully negotiate the most favorable plea bargain possible, we won’t advise you to do so until every possible avenue has been explored to prove your innocence. We won’t give up on your case—and that’s a promise.

We Do Not Back Down

Our criminal defense attorneys are former prosecutors who were previously in charge of major criminal units and cases. This means that we know how the prosecution will approach your case. We know the tactics they’ll use, and we’ll know how to reveal the flaws in their evidence and arguments. It’s up to the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and your New Jersey criminal defense lawyer will be able to expose weak evidence when it’s presented, possibly leading to your charges being dismissed.

When you need a criminal defense lawyer who has complete confidence in the courtroom and has the experience to back it up, you need Clark, Clark, & Noonan, LLC.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Wall, NJ

The criminal defense lawyers at Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC have decades of combined experience in the practice of criminal law, serving Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County, and all surrounding areas. As former prosecutors, we know how the system works and we know how to find weaknesses in the case against you. As criminal defense attorneys, we are passionate about telling your side of the story. We can help you to get a bail reduction and make sure people know that you are not just a criminal, and that you are a human being who is not deserving of life-altering punishments. To learn more and for a free consultation, please call our criminal defense lawyers at 732-631-8277.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Our criminal defense practice areas are extensive, and include most charges categorized under the following crimes:

Criminal convictions carry the possibility of serious punishments. Additionally, you may be worried about how friends, family and colleagues will perceive you based on these charges. Our attorneys use all of their experience and resources to diminish the impact these charges have on your life. You can learn more about the criminal justice process on our criminal defense resources page. Convictions for crimes of violence in New Jersey carry the potential for serious consequences, even life-altering consequences. At Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC, our experienced criminal defense attorneys are passionate about protecting your rights. We may also be able to assist you in expunging your criminal record under the New Jersey Expungement Law. As trial attorneys, we take a trial posture on every case and we will pursue whichever avenue holds the best outcome for you.

A Criminal Defense Law Firm for Violent Crimes

The lawyers at Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC handle most types of violent crime cases, including:

Prison sentences and a criminal record are typical results of violent crime conviction. We fully understand the seriousness of your charges, and we are ready to be at your side to fight aggressively on your behalf. It’s normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed when charged with these types of crimes, but you can take comfort in the fact that our attorneys will be handling your case with individualized attention.

To schedule a free consultation, contact Clark, Clark & Noonan. We are proud to serve people from across New Jersey, including Jersey City, Freehold, Monmouth County, Essex County, and Hudson County.

What We Achieved

Case Results

Our track record proves how effective both our trial experience and our knowledge of criminal defense law really are. We build proactive criminal defense strategies that are comprehensive, exhaustive, and well-researched. We approach every case as if a dismissal is possible.

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Verdict: Charges Dismissed

Driving While Intoxicated

State v. N..F

Verdict: Charges Dismissed

Contempt of Court

State v. M..F

Verdict: Charges Dismissed

Second Degree Theft by Deception

State v. A..M

Verdict: Charges Dismissed

Third Offense DWI

State v. R.S.

Verdict: Charges Dismissed

Possession of Marijuana

State v. B.V.

Verdict: Charges Dismissed

Possession of Marijuana

State v. T.K.

Decades of Meaningful Experience

A New Jersey criminal defense lawyer from Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC will have the criminal law experience that matters. Other criminal lawyers might tout that they have over twenty or thirty years’ worth of experience when they’ve actually been sitting behind a desk or acting as an administrator the entire time. In other words, they have years of experience in criminal defenses without a single day in court.

Our criminal defense law firm has the experience that matters. We’ve spent our entire careers in the courtroom, which is practical experience that will directly benefit your case. Combine this with our previous experience as prosecutors, and you’re getting a defense attorney who both knows how the prosecution will build their case and has actual experience winning against those same prosecutors in court.

Track Record of Not Guilty Verdicts and Dismissals

Our criminal defense attorneys pursue each case in pursuit of the needle in the haystack that may provide grounds for a dismissal of the charges you face. From weapons charges that involve unlawful search and seizures to drug charges with weak and circumstantial evidence, we always look for the weak point in the case against you. Even when an outright dismissal isn’t possible, we’ll be ready to go to court and fight for a not guilty verdict.

We want you to know what all your options are, and your New Jersey criminal defense lawyer will provide you with honest counsel regarding all possibilities and what the likely outcomes are. We won’t pursue a reduction in charges or a plea deal unless that truly is your best course of action. And in the end, it will be your decision—but you’ll be confident knowing that it’s an informed decision.

If you have questions about a criminal case in New Jersey, contact Clark, Clark, & Noonan, LLC to speak with an experienced  New Jersey criminal defense lawyer and get answers. The consultation is free and completely confidential.

Our New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers Answer the Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to tell the police my name?

If you are stopped while driving a car, you have to show the police officer your driver’s license and registration. You do not need to answer any other questions. If you are stopped while on foot, then you do not need to show the officer any identification or tell them your name unless the officer is giving you a court summons.

Should I accept a plea bargain or go to trial?

The vast majority of criminal cases never go to trial. Instead, the defendant and prosecutor will reach an agreement called a plea bargain, in which the defendant pleads guilty in exchange for a more lenient sentence. This avoids the gamble of going to trial, where a defendant could either be acquitted or receive the harshest punishment possible. In some cases, prosecutors outright drop the charges.

You should work closely with your attorney to decide the best way to proceed with your case, whether that is through a plea bargain or a trial. It is ultimately your decision, but an experienced criminal defense lawyer will help you make the most fully informed decision possible.

Do I need a criminal defense lawyer?

Representing yourself in court is never recommended. If you have been charged with a crime, it’s vital to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. They will have a deep understanding of the charges, the procedures, the penalties you face, and your options. A criminal defense lawyer can advise on your best path forward. 

At Clark, Clark & Noonan, all of our lawyers were formerly prosecutors. We have an understanding of criminal cases that is needed to tackle even the toughest cases and help you pursue the best possible outcome for your case. 

For a free and confidential case evaluation, call our experienced criminal defense attorneys today or reach out online.

What happens if I miss criminal court?

Failing to appear in criminal court in New Jersey is a serious offense. The penalties include:

  • Forfeiting your right to request bail, which means that you might have to await your trial in jail
  • Suspension of driving privileges
  • Additional penalties that are similar to the crime for which you had your original court date (For example, if you miss a court date for a fourth-degree crime, you could be charged with another fourth-degree crime of missing a court date, which could be punishable by up to 18 months in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.)

These are serious penalties, but they can apply only if you are convicted of failing to appear in court. You can be convicted of failing to appear only if there is sufficient evidence that you were properly notified of the trial date, and the court determines that you intentionally did not come to court.

However, there are valid reasons for not showing up to court, such as:

  • Not receiving notification of the hearing
  • Having a conflicting, already scheduled court hearing
  • A serious illness, injury, or accident
  • A natural disaster
  • A death in the family

What do I do if I have a warrant?

If you receive a warrant for your arrest in New Jersey, it’s critical to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away. If the police come to your house, do not resist arrest but do not answer any questions until an attorney is present. 

An arrest warrant is more serious than a court summons. A court summons instructs you to appear in court on your own accord, whereas an arrest warrant means the alleged crime is more serious and will result in your arrest.

What is white-collar crime?

White-collar crime is a term for crimes with financial motives that do not depend on the application or threat of violence. These crimes usually aim to obtain or avoid losing money, property, or assets or to help ensure a business or personal advantage.

Some examples of these crimes include fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, racketeering, and more.

Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC.