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Clark & clark law About Us

Clark & Clark, LLC is devoted to providing clients with aggressive and committed legal representation. We will be completely dedicated to your case and will fight for you from the moment you retain our services.

About our firm

About Clark &
clark law

We Fight for Our Clients

At Clark & Clark, LLC, your case is everything. Whether you were arrested for DWI or charged with a serious offense, our goal will be the same: clearing your name with a full dismissal of the charges against you. When you work with a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer from our firm, you can count on your case to be prepared for trial from day one.

We want to see you return to your life as it was before the criminal charges were leveled against you. We will not be satisfied with anything less than the best possible outcome for your case. Our attorneys know how to collect all of the available evidence, build a powerful defense, and exhaust all legal options when it comes to representing our clients.

We Do Not Give Up

Our defense attorneys have successfully handled over 1,000 criminal cases and tried over one hundred felony cases in court in front of juries. We aren’t afraid of the courtroom. Other defense firms might try to get you to plead guilty and accept a plea bargain almost as soon as they’ve been retained. That doesn’t happen at Clark & Clark, LLC.

We regard plea bargains as a last resort option only. While we can successfully negotiate the most favorable plea bargain possible, we won’t advise you to do so until every possible avenue has been explored to prove your innocence. We won’t give up on your case—and that’s a promise.

We Do Not Back Down

Our attorneys are former prosecutors who were previously in charge of major criminal units and cases. This means that we know how the prosecution will approach your case. We know the tactics they’ll use, and we’ll know how to reveal the flaws in their evidence and arguments. It’s up to the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and your New Jersey criminal defense lawyer will be able to expose weak evidence when it’s presented, possibly leading to your charges being dismissed.

When you need a defense attorney who has complete confidence in the courtroom and has the experience to back it up, you need Clark & Clark, LLC.

Clark & Clark, LLP


Clark & clark law Why Hire Us

The defense attorneys of Clark & Clark, LLC have built their careers by handling thousands of criminal cases and achieving success in the courtroom. We approach every case with the end-goal of a complete dismissal or not guilty verdict.

Why hire our firm

Why hire Clark &
clark law

Decades of Meaningful Experience

A New Jersey criminal defense lawyer from Clark & Clark, LLC will have the criminal law experience that matters. Other criminal attorneys might tout that they have over twenty or thirty years’ worth of experience when they’ve actually been sitting behind a desk or acting as an administrator the entire time. In other words, they have years of experience without a single day in court.

Our firm has the experience that matters. We’ve spent our entire careers in the courtroom, which is practical experience that will directly benefit your case. Combine this with our previous experience as prosecutors, and you’re getting a defense attorney who both knows how the prosecution will build their case and has actual experience winning against those same prosecutors in court.

Track Record of Not Guilty Verdicts and Dismissals

Our track record proves how effective both our trial experience and our knowledge of criminal law really are. We build proactive defense strategies that are comprehensive, exhaustive, and well-researched. We approach every case as if dismissal is possible. From weapons charges that involve unlawful search and seizures to drug charges with weak and circumstantial evidence, we always look for the weak point in the case against you.

Even when an outright dismissal isn’t possible, we’ll be ready to go to court and fight for a not guilty verdict. We want you to know what all your options are, and your New Jersey criminal defense lawyer will provide you with honest counsel regarding all possibilities and what the likely outcomes are. We won’t pursue a reduction in charges or a plea deal unless that truly is your best course of action. And in the end, it will be your decision—but you’ll be confident knowing that it’s an informed decision.

Honest Legal Advice, Completely Confidential

When you’ve been charged with any sort of crime, Clark & Clark, LLC can build the defense your situation requires. It starts with a free consultation that is completely confidential. There’s no risk involved in exploring the legal options available for your defense, and we’ll provide you with the honest legal advice you need and answer the questions weighing on your mind.

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