Terroristic Threat Defense Attorneys in NJ

Terroristic threat charges are very common.

Though the phrase sounds like something that applies to threats against public safety, in fact the vast majority of people who face these charges got into trouble in a domestic situation with a friend, family member or acquaintance. In the vast majority of these kinds of cases, the experienced attorneys at Clark & Noonan, LLC have obtained outright dismissals for these charges.

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What Is a Terroristic Threat?

In the heat of the moment, something as simple as saying “I’m going to kill you” could result in you being charged with a terroristic threat. Our attorneys do not believe you should have to suffer harsh penalties because of one moment of a heated exchange. Bomb threats and other threats intended to evacuate buildings may also result in these types of criminal charges. In a terroristic threats scenario, there are a number of defenses that can be utilized to resolve the case.

In order for terroristic threats charges to stand, all three elements of the alleged crime must be proven:

  • You made a threat
  • You threatened an act of violence
  • The threat was made with the intent to scare, intimidate or otherwise terrorize the other party

But to be charged with the crime, you only need have threatened the person physically, threatened their property, or threatened harm to someone who is important to them, such as a spouse or child. There must be reasonable fear of the threat, and generally charges won’t stick if something was said without any real threat from the perspective of a reasonable person.