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Carjacking in New Jersey carries the potential for severe punishments, but the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Clark & Noonan, LLC know how to obtain the best possible resolution to your case. You may feel overwhelmed and frustrated. We understand all of the relevant state laws and case precedents, and we will build a proactive, aggressive defense on your behalf.

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Carjacking Criminal Cases in New Jersey

Carjacking charges allege that you used violence to steal a car, whether by force, intimidation or threats. In a carjacking case, prosecutors will work to show that you:

  • Stole the motor vehicle
  • Inflicted injury or used force to steal a motor vehicle
  • Threatened the driver or passenger(s) with bodily injury

For a crime of this nature, you need an experienced attorney to defend you. With years of experience in the courtroom and as former prosecutors, our lawyers know what to expect in these cases, and we strategize your defense accordingly.

What Should You Do Next?

Carjacking is a felony in New Jersey. A conviction carries the possibility of severe punishments, such as:

  • Decades in prison
  • Felony record
  • Fines

Carjacking is often charged alongside other crimes, such as assault and battery or weapons-related charges. You need an attorney who understands the gravity of these charges and how to proactively defend you against them.

Charges of this nature can be overwhelming. You may be worried about your future and how a conviction could impact your life. We understand your concerns, and we can relieve some of the burden you are experiencing by handling your case adeptly. We will not rest until we have obtained the best possible outcome to your case.

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