Assault Defense Attorneys in New Jersey

A moment of heated argument in a bar or a fight with a loved one can quickly escalate.

Without realizing what was at stake, you may suddenly find yourself facing criminal charges for assault or battery. These violent crime charges require the experience and knowledge of assault defense attorneys with many years of experience. The expert criminal defense attorneys at Clark & Noonan, LLC have insight into the case against you because of their prosecution background and extensive history of getting positive results for clients.

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New Jersey Battery Charges

Battery is an intentional and unpermitted act against another person, causing harmful or offensive contact to the victim. Criminal battery charges are very common. In certain situations, a degree of battery is assumed to be consented to, such as between two people in a romantic relationship or between people in a bustling crowd.

Elements in a Battery Case

Battery laws exist to protect people from physical harm perpetrated by another. It recognizes that we all have a right to have our bodies protected from harm and offensiveness. The three basic elements of battery are:

  • An act occurred
  • There was intent to cause harmful or offensive contact
  • Harmful or offensive contact occurred

Battery charges could result if the act led to the victim’s physical injury, such as broken bones, cuts or burns. But there does not have to be a physical injury for battery to have occurred. Acts that result in emotional or mental trauma, such as groping or spitting on someone, are also considered battery.

Other Forms of Battery

Other forms of battery include:

  • Criminal negligence, in which someone is harmed because of a failure to act
  • Harming or offending someone without direct bodily contact, such as knocking a glass out of someone’s hand
  • Physical child abuse
  • Spousal abuse
  • Domestic battery
  • Simple Assault
  • Aggravated Assault

These charges are serious. You should recognize the gravity of your situation, but also take comfort in having our experienced defense attorneys handle your case.

Steps to Resolve the Battery Case Against You

The next thing you should do is contact our attorneys. With decades of combined experience, we understand your situation and we have the information you need to make decisions about what to do next.

As your defense team, we will pursue all options for getting the positive result you deserve. Not only can we negotiate plea deals and fight for dismissal of charges, but we also prepare your case for trial so that no avenue to resolution is unattainable.