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Hazlet DWI Lawyer

Hazlet New Jersey is a large municipality located in Monmouth County.  Hazlet has many highways that run through the township.  Therefore, the Hazlet police department arrest many individuals each and every month for DWI.  If you or someone you know has been charged with DWI in Hazlet call a Hazlet DWI lawyer at our firm day or night.  Our attorneys are here to help.

A DWI or driving while intoxicated matter is prosecuted by the state proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual was driving a vehicle while he or she was intoxicated.  If the state is able to establish those elements, beyond a reasonable doubt, the person will be convicted of DWI and will face penalties depending upon a variety of circumstances.  Some of those circumstances may include the persons blood alcohol content and whether this is a first, second, third or subsequent offense.  Penalties can include license suspension and jail time depending on the previously mentioned circumstances.

If you are charged with DWI, one of the things which a Hazlet DWI Lawyer will do is demand discovery from the state.  Discovery may include reports that were authored by arresting officers, video recording from inside the patrol vehicle and records regarding the inspection and use of the breath test machine that was used to calculate the charged individual’s blood alcohol content.  Under the New Jersey court rules and case law in New Jersey, the prosecution has an obligation to produce discovery to the individual who is charged or his or her attorney.  If the prosecution fails to produce all of the relevant discovery the attorney who is representing the person accused of DWI can file a motion to attempt to compel the prosecutor to produce the discovery.  If the prosecutor still does not provide the requested discovery, the attorney who is representing the person who is accused of DWI can file a motion which is commonly referred to as a Holup motion.  A Holup motion is named after the case which authorizes this particular motion.  A Holup motion will provide the prosecutor a specific period of time to produce the relevant discovery.  If the prosecutor fails to produce that discovery, the court may dismiss the DWI charge.  It is important to remember that only a qualified Hazlet DWI Lawyer will know when it is proper to file a Holup motion.

If you or someone you know would like to speak with a Hazlet DWI Lawyer call our office or contact us through this site.  We can help. 


The Hazlet Municipal Court website is http://www.hazlettwp.org/court


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