Points for Speeding Tickets in New Jersey

An accumulation of points from moving traffic violations can cause suspension of your license and hefty fines.

There are some minor traffic charges where retaining a lawyer can make little difference and where the consequences are minimal. A New Jersey speeding ticket is not one of those “minor” traffic offenses. Call criminal defense lawyer from Clark & Noonan, LLC today.

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New Jersey Speeding Ticket Points and Penalties

Speeding is handled in the traffic court where the alleged Speeding violation occurred. The penalties for Speeding can be stiff compared to other New Jersey traffic violations.

If you are convicted of speeding, the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) records points on your license:

  • § 39:4-98 – New Jersey Speeding: Exceeding maximum speed 1-14 mph over limit = 2 points
  • § 39:4-99 – New Jersey Speeding: Exceeding maximum speed 15-29 mph over limit = 4 points
  • § 39:4-99 – New Jersey Speeding: Exceeding maximum speed 30 mph or more over limit = 5 points

Once you reach a certain point total on your New Jersey Drivers License, the MVC will impose Point Surcharges in addition to any court-imposed fines and penalties on your traffic ticket.

In addition, the level of your car insurance premiums may increase depending on the number of points you have accumulated on your New Jersey Drivers License.

You may be wondering, how many points does it take to suspend your license in NJ? As if the points were not enough, many New Jersey traffic court Judges will suspend your New Jersey Driver’s License for 30 to 60 days, just depending on how many miles over the speed limit you were traveling. Additionally, the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission indicates that the accumulation of 12 points or more at any time can cause a license suspension.

You Need an Experienced New Jersey Traffic Lawyer

Our lawyers have represented individuals all over the State of New Jersey who have received a traffic ticket for speeding including town traffic courts in Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County and Mercer County.

Defenses to Your Speeding Ticket Do Exist

Our lawyers have the skill and experience to protect your rights and successfully defend you if you have been charged with Speeding. Many times we are able to negotiate with the traffic court and prosecutor to get the results you could not get on your own.

We have successfully resolved Speeding tickets all over the State of New Jersey with results like:

  • Dismissal of the NJ Speeding Ticket;
  • Downgrade of a 4 or 5 point Speeding ticket to 2 points or a 0 point offense;
  • Amendment to an Unsafe Driving Charge 39:4-97.2 (0 Points);
  • Convinced the New Jersey Traffic Court not to suspend a client’s driver’s license.

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