Forgery Lawyer in New Jersey

A forgery conviction carries the possibility of harsh punishments.

Forgery is a bit of an umbrella term. If you were charged with forgery, chances are your indictment includes other charges as well, such as theft or counterfeiting. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys are ready to build a strong defense on your behalf, securing the best possible outcome to your New Jersey forgery case.

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Criminal Charges for Forgery

Forgery charges allege that you did one of the following with the intent to defraud someone:

  • You altered a document that didn’t belong to you, and you didn’t have the owner’s permission to do so.
  • You created, authenticated, transferred or issued a document so that it looks like someone else took the action, but that person never actually authorized such an action. The person may be real or fictitious.
  • You “uttered” (offered for use) or “offered an instrument” as the real thing, while knowing that it was forged.
  • You created or transferred any writing to look like a copy of an original, but no original exists.

Any act of making, altering, using or possessing a false writing so that you can commit a fraud could result in forgery charges. Examples include:

  • Signing a check with someone’s else’s signature
  • Falsifying academic records
  • Counterfeiting currency
  • Using a fake ID
  • Using false documents to apply for a credit card

Passports, birth certificates, stocks and bonds, prescriptions and titles are other items that are often involved in forgery cases.

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Depending on the nature of your charges, you may be facing prison time if convicted. Forgery cases involving government documents often involve the harshest penalties. Counterfeiting and identity theft may also be involved in your case, which can affect the potential punishments.

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