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Shoplifting: Men vs Women

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Men Like Power Tools, Women Prefer Perfume

 Shoplifting is not limited by gender nor age; both men and women — adults and kids, shoplift. However, a large study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry in 2008 found that men shoplifted more than women. A 2005 study revealed that women and men tend to take different items. Women are more likely to take articles of clothing, food and groceries, and perfume. Men were found to be more likely to go for larger, more difficult items to steal including televisions, power tools, and even household appliances.

Men tuck items into backpacks, while women may hide merchandise in strollers, but the potential end result is the same — concealing merchandise can lead to criminal charges regardless of your gender.

Although researchers still argue over what prompts people to shoplift, it is clear that sometimes it is out of need (for items that cannot be otherwise afforded) but for some, especially men, it may be a moment of thrill-seeking indiscretion.

Should All Shoplifters Go To Jail?

Shoplifting is against the law; it is a crime and not a victimless crime. Retailers lose billions each year to shoplifters and the cost is passed along to consumers. But there should be a distinction between those who commit violent crimes or are repeat offenders, and a teenager who, on a dare or a whim, puts something into his pocket and exits a store.

To put things in perspective, in New Jersey, a second degree shoplifting conviction exposes an offender to up to ten years in jail, the same potential penalty for other second degree crimes including:

There are behavioral therapies and cognitive therapy treatments available for shoplifters and kleptomaniacs, as well as medications that can help address any underlying mental health issues that may drive a person to shoplift. Peter Berlin, founder of NASP, believes that shoplifters often feel guilty:

“The irony is that most shoplifters who have developed a habit or addiction believe they should be punished according to the law when caught. What offenders often resent, however, is when they are simply thrown into jail with hardened career criminals and are not given the help or support they need to help prevent them from repeating the offense.”

Someone who steals does break that law, but over zealous prosecutors who seek jail time for first-time, or non-violent offenders for shoplifting rather than offering restitution and a chance for rehabilitation may be a punishment that does not fit the crime.

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