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Armed Robbery and Robbery are two of the most serious criminal charges in New Jersey and defined in the New Jersey criminal code at NJSA2C: 15-1. Both charges contain a “presumption of incarceration” which means that the initial plea offer from the Prosecutor for a person charged with Armed Robbery or Robbery will almost certainly involve a State Prison sentence. A person convicted of Armed Robbery is exposed to 10 to 20 years in New Jersey State Prison where they must serve eighty five percent of their sentence before being eligible for parole. For example, if you were sentenced by a NJ Judge to 15 years state prison, you would not be eligible for release until you served over 12 years of that sentence in prison! Similarly, a person charged with Robbery (no weapon) still faces 5 to 10 years in New Jersey State prison with the same eighty five percent parole ineligibility requirement.

You Need an Experienced NJ Criminal Defense Attorney to Defend You

At Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC, our attorneys have over 30 years of criminal trial experience. As former Prosecutors, our attorneys have handled hundreds of Armed Robbery and Robbery cases in the state of New Jersey. Unlike many criminal defense attorneys, we have successfully gone to trial on all types of cases including Robbery and Armed Robbery cases. Our former prosecutors and Certified Criminal Trial Attorney are exclusively committed to practicing criminal law. What does that mean for you? It means that when we take a New Jersey Armed Robbery or Robbery case our lawyers have the training, and experience to scrutinize the police investigation and exploit any mistakes that the police may have made in gathering evidence, failing to gather evidence, interviewing witnesses, or in violating your rights.

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Whether you have been charged with Robbery in Asbury Park, Toms River, New Brunswick, Jersey City or any other town or city in New Jersey, we offer a free consultation in which you can openly discuss the specifics of  your charges, explore potential mistakes  in the police investigation and  available defenses for whatever Armed Robbery or Robbery allegation you are facing. Call one of our specialized Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC criminal lawyers at 732-303-7857.

We Will Explore all of Your Options – Including Alternatives to Jail

At Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC, we have been extremely successful in winning Armed Robbery and Robbery cases at trial, obtaining probationary terms rather than jail sentences for our clients, or convincing the Prosecutor’s Office to dismiss the charges where appropriate. In some cases, we are able to get the charges downgraded to a lesser charge as part of the plea negotiations. We will also explore the possibility of entry into a Pre-trial Intervention Program (PTI) where appropriate. PTI is a diversionary program that allows you to put your case on hold for a short period of time. Completion of PTI results in a dismissal of your charges at the end of the PTI term.

Do Not Wait to Consult with an Experienced NJ Robbery Defense Attorney

If you have been accused, arrested or charged with Armed Robbery or Robbery in the State of New Jersey, contact the law firm of Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC immediately at (732) 303-7857. Our criminal defense law firm has the skill and experience to investigate your case, challenge the evidence, and advise you on a course of action that is best for you. Whether we are seeking a dismissal, negotiating a plea deal to limit you sentencing exposure or defending your legal rights at a trial, we understand the system and how to make it best work for you.

Robbery- Definition

The law on Robbery in New Jersey is located at NJSA 2C:15-1 and states as follows:

2C:15-1.  Robbery

Robbery defined. A person is guilty of robbery if, in the course of committing a theft, he:

(1) Inflicts bodily injury or uses force upon another; or

(2) Threatens another with or purposely puts him in fear of immediate bodily injury; or

(3) Commits or threatens immediately to commit any crime of the first or second degree.

An act shall be deemed to be included in the phrase  “in the course of committing a theft” if it occurs in an attempt to commit theft or in immediate flight after the attempt or commission.

b. Grading. Robbery is a crime of the second degree, except that it is a crime of the first degree if in the course of committing the theft the actor attempts to kill anyone, or purposely inflicts or attempts to inflict serious bodily injury, or is armed with, or uses or threatens the immediate use of a deadly weapon.

You Always Have a Defense to Robbery in NJ – Call Today

The Warrant or Complaint the police have signed against you for Armed Robbery or Robbery is nothing more than a charging document that requires you to go to court. In New Jersey it is the prosecutor’s burden to prove each and every element of the charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt. You do not have to prove anything. At Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC, we have become experts at using the State’s burden to your advantage. Since we have tried over 100 felony jury trials, we know how to cross-examine the State’s witnesses and attack their credibility. We have successfully convinced juries that there is insufficient evidence to convict our clients, or that our clients have been misidentified or that our clients were not present at the time of the offense (Alibi Defense). The point is you always have a defense regardless of how strong the case against you may look on paper. Contact our experienced attorneys and former prosecutors to discuss your case at 732-303-7857 for a free consultation with an attorney at Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC.

Charged with Robbery But You Did Not do it? Let Us Fight for You

Robberies happen every day in New Jersey. Whether someone is robbed in Asbury Park, Neptune, Jersey City, New Brunswick, Edison, Toms River, Brick or any other city or town in New Jersey, the police usually respond to the scene or the alleged victim goes to police headquarters on their own. Often times, the police base their charging decision solely on eyewitnesses and alleged victims who may have reasons to lie about what actually happened. In New Jersey, eyewitness identifications of a suspect are often wrong. They may pick you out of a photographic lineup based on “appearance similarities” between you and the real perpetrator but claim to the police that they are “100 percent” positive in their identification.

You could find yourself charged with robbery even though you had absolutely nothing to do with the offense. At Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC, we don’t allow you to go down for a crime you did not commit. If the police did not do a thorough investigation, we make sure we do our own investigation. We will make sure every possible defense is explored, every misidentification attacked, every witnesses’ credibility challenged, and every piece of supposed “evidence” scrutinized. Do not worry, your day in court will come and the attorneys at Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC will help you get your New Jersey Robbery charge dismissed. If you didn’t commit the crime, there is a good chance your case will be dismissed after trial or during plea negotiations. Call Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC today to discuss all your potential defenses in our free consultation and case assessment at 732-303-7857.

What if I Don’t Have a Defense? – Do Not Worry the State Has the Burden of Proof

You may have been charged with Robbery in Toms River, Asbury Park, Neptune, Brick, New Brunswick, Jersey City, Newark or some other NJ city or town and are now extremely worried because you may have actually committed the robbery charge. You may ask “does that mean I have to just plead guilty?” The answer is “no”. As already explained above, a defendant in a criminal case does not have the burden to prove or disprove anything. In other words, you are presumed innocent and it is the State – the prosecutor – who has to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecutor in New Jersey has to subpoena witnesses for testimony and present evidence before the judge or jury to prove each and every element of the offense against you beyond a reasonable doubt. If he presents insufficient evidence or if the jury has a “reasonable doubt” as to your guilt then they must find you “not guilty.”

At Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC, we know when the State will have difficulty proving its case. We also know when the State’s witnesses may lack credibility and we are able to exploit the witnesses’ credibility issues both before and during trial. Sometimes, it is simply enough to argue that the State has not met its burden of proof even if you in fact committed the robbery offense. Other times we are able to attack the evidence the State is trying to use against you. For example, our attorneys have successfully had confessions thrown out by showing the judge the manner in which the police violated your rights in obtaining a confession. Other times we are able to convince the Judge that evidence such as a seized weapon, DNA, phone records or witness identification evidence must be suppressed because the police violated your constitutional rights. Our experienced advocacy will often lead to the prosecutor downgrading your charge, offering you a probationary sentence, or, in some cases, dismissing your robbery charge. At Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC, we have the meaningful experience – actual courtroom experience – that other firms simply cannot match. We will safeguard your rights and put you in the best position to protect yourself from a prison sentence. Call us today for a free consultation and case assessment at 732-303-7857.

Contact Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC for a free consultation with an experienced trial lawyer located in Wall, New Jersey and handling cases throughout the state of New Jersey. We offer aggressive advocacy focused on obtaining positive results in your case. We have handled criminal cases in Monmouth County, Middlesex County, Ocean County and almost every one of the other 18 Counties in New Jersey including Mercer County, Hudson County, Essex County, Union County, Bergen County and Passaic County. We have successfully handled criminal cases as far South as Camden County and as far north as Warren and Sussex Counties.

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