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Theft and Property Crimes Attorneys in NJ

Wall New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys serving Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County and all surrounding NJ areas.

It’s easy to find yourself in a situation that results in an arrest for theft. Perhaps you’ve never been in trouble with the law before, but now find yourself facing serious criminal punishment.

The experienced lawyers at Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC know how intimidating these charges can be, and we want to stand at your side to defend you. We handle most theft-related cases and cases involving stolen property. To schedule a free consultation with our experienced New Jersey theft attorneys, please call Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC at 732-303-7857.

Cases Involving Theft and Property Crimes

As experienced criminal defense lawyers, we handle most types of theft-related cases, including:

These are serious crimes with serious consequences, but together we can fight the charges against you.

What Should You Do After Being Charged with a Theft Crime?

After you have been charged with a crime of this nature, you should contact our experienced attorneys as soon as possible. At this point, you need honest answers from attorneys who understand what is happening in the case against you. Charles Clark and Ryan Clark have worked as prosecutors in their past, and as such have unique insight into how the prosecution in your case works: the challenges the prosecutors face and the information they want. Additionally, since moving to the defense side of criminal law, we have handled numerous theft cases and have a long history of success in obtaining favorable results for our clients.

Each case is unique. As such, we will explore options for resolution to your case after discussing the details at your free consultation. In the past, we have successfully obtained dismissed charges, reduced charges, plea deals and other types of favorable resolutions for clients charged with theft crimes.

The experienced defense attorneys at Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC are ready to stand at your side, fighting aggressively to protect your rights. For a free consultation, please call our law firm at 732-303-7857. We represent people charged with theft and property crimes in Newark, Jersey City and the surrounding areas in New Jersey.


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