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The Red Bank DWI Lawyers at our firm handle DWI matters in Red Bank and all other municipalities in Monmouth County and throughout New Jersey. Our attorneys have successfully handled DWI matters in the Red Bank municipal court. You can call us today or click on the contact us tab to obtain a free consultation with our firm.

Red Bank New Jersey is located in Monmouth County. Red Bank is home to many bars, restaurants and night clubs. Numerous individuals are charged with DWI in Red Bank each month. DWI matters that occur in Red Bank are prosecuted in the Red Bank Municipal Court. More information about the municipal court can be found on their website. If you click on the following link you will be directed to the Red Bank Municipal Court site. http://www.redbanknj.org/163/Court

In order to determine if an individual is intoxicated for purposes of arrest and even prosecution, a police officer will often ask that individual to perform field sobriety tests. There are three standard field sobriety tests. They include the HGN test, the walk and turn and the one leg stand. The HGN test is an eye test that tests the smooth pursuit of a persons eyes. The one leg stand test, tests an individual’s balance by having the individual stand on one leg and count aloud. Finally, the walk and turn test has an individual walk a certain number of steps in one direction then turn around. In some circumstances, an officer may feel that it is not safe for the individual to perform the field sobriety tests on the side of the road where the individual is pulled over. In this circumstance, if the officer has reason to believe the driver is intoxicated, the officer may place the individual under arrest and have the driver perform the field sobriety tests back at the police station. In some circumstances, those field sobriety tests will be recorded on cameras which are located at the police station. If the tests were recorded, they will have to be turned over during the case discovery period.

The field sobriety tests which are performed and the way in which they were performed can be very important to the ultimate outcome of a Red Bank DWI matter. It is therefore important that you contact a qualified Red Bank DWI lawyer if you have been accused of DWI in Red Bank. If you decided to retain our firm, our lawyers will aggressively represent your interests in the Red Bank Municipal Court. Contact us today.


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