With strict New Jersey gun laws, an experienced local attorney can help dismiss or reduce charges to avoid heavy penalties. Whether you’re facing charges for unlawful possession, possession of a firearm during a crime, or any other offense, we’ll give you options.

Weapons Crimes

Handling all cases related to drug crimes in New Jersey, we take cases for drug possession, drug trafficking, and possession of drug paraphernalia. We’ll fight to suppress illegally obtained evidence or expose police misconduct.

Drug Crimes

DUI & DWI charges involving drugs or alcohol result in varying penalties depending on your case. We’ll give you options if you’re charged with your first DWI offense, a DWI in a school zone, refusing a breathalyzer or blood test, or driving with a suspended license for a previous DWI charge.


Sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, or other sex crimes require an attorney who knows the evidence needed to clear your name. Avoid registering as a sex offender, parole supervision for life, and other consequences.

Sex Crimes

Violent crimes encompass numerous offenses, including assault and aggravated assault, robberyand armed robbery, battery, murder, manslaughter, resisting arrest, and other sex and gun crimes. Violent crimes bring about serious charges that could result in a costly conviction depending on the crime committed. We can provide a free case evaluation to assess the details of your charges and provide options for any one of these offenses.

Violent Crimes

Additional Practice Areas

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