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Ocean County Gun Charge Defense Attorney

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If you or someone you know has been charged with an Ocean County gun charge contact our Ocean County Gun Charge Defense Lawyers day or night. Our lawyers represent individuals who have been accused of gun crimes in Toms River and all Ocean County towns and cities. Our lawyers are aggressive defense attorneys who will fight to protect your interests.

Ocean County Gun Charge Penalties

Gun charge penalties can be very severe. Depending on the exact gun charge, penalties for a gun charge conviction can include state prison terms between five and ten years with a period of parole ineligibility. Parole ineligibility means that the individual who is convicted of a gun charge will have to serve the specific minimum time of parole ineligibility in jail before they are eligible for parole. One crime which carries a significant period of parole ineligibility is certain persons not to have weapons. Certain persons not to have weapons is a crime which falls under New Jersey Statute 2C:39. The statute criminalizes the possession of a handgun if you are a certain person as defined in the statute. A certain person is an individual who is not lawfully permitted to possess a handgun in the state of New Jersey. Certain persons as defined by the statute can include an individual who has a previous criminal conviction and or mental disease or defect. If an individual is convicted of violating this statute, the individual will face five years in New Jersey state prison without the possibility of parole. This means that the individual will have to serve each and every day of five years in state prison before parole can even consider their release.

Ocean County Gun Charge Defenses

If you have been charged with a gun crime in Ocean County there are certain defenses. First and foremost, the state must establish that the individual was in possession of the firearm. If the state is unable to establish possession, our Ocean County Gun Charge Defense Lawyers may be able to have the charges dismissed. The dismissal or reduction of certain persons not to have weapons charges or any other gun charge is obviously dependent upon the specific facts and circumstances and it is therefore important to have a qualified Ocean County Gun Charge Defense Lawyer handle your matter.

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