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Ocean City NJ Municipal Court Offenses

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Alcohol has never been legally served in public places in Ocean City NJ since the town’s founding as a religious summer retreat in the 1880s. Diners and restaurant patrons are not even permitted to bring their own beer or wine to restaurants as is permissible in some other New Jersey “dry” towns. However, many people still bring their own beer, wine, and liquor purchased outside the town, or have it delivered through outside liquor stores in Somers Point.

Whether someone drinks too much in a bar and drives back to Ocean City, or consumes too much alcohol in their summer beach house rental does not matter — anyone who has had too much to drink and gets behind the wheel and drives drunk, is subject to being stopped, caught, and charged for a DUI offense by the police.

As the number of arrests for traffic offenses increases during warmer months, so do certain criminal offenses as more people flock to beaches in Ocean City. Arrests for drug and alcohol related charges increases during summer months, and so do the number of theft crimes, such as for shoplifting, robbery, petty and grand theft, and forgery. Summer heat and crowded beaches and public places also tends to lend itself to an increase in the number of arrests for assaults.

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Ocean City Municipal Court Offenses

In addition to representing those accused of felonies and other crimes, we represent clients in all types of cases that are handled by the Ocean City Municipal Court system including:

Whatever you may have been arrested for, or charged with, it is important to take your situation as seriously as we will. We know that having a criminal record even for a “minor” crime is a big deal that can cost you job opportunities, scholarships, even housing. We will look at all the facts and evidence of your case to get at the truth — something the police do not always take the time to do — and work hard to get you the best possible outcome in your case.

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