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Municipal Court Offenses in New Jersey

The experienced attorneys at Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC have an extensive understanding of the municipal court process. Just like other criminal charges, municipal offense charges should be vigorously defended to obtain the best possible result for you.

Our lawyers are personally committed to securing positive results on your behalf. Please call Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC at 732-303-7857 to arrange a free consultation.

Municipal Court Criminal Offenses

Examples of criminal offenses that are likely to be handled in municipal court include:

Depending on the nature of the allegations, you may be facing severe penalties. When you visit us for a consultation, we are able to provide you with immediate answers to your questions about your case. We know you are probably concerned about the future, and we can provide you with clear, honest information so you know what to expect.

Potential Consequences

These types of crimes are what is known as disorderly persons offenses, or petty disorderly persons offenses. Other states refer to some of these crimes as misdemeanors. Potential consequences if you are convicted include:

  • Up to 6 months in jail
  • Expensive fines
  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Establishment or continuation of a criminal record

These things could of course affect your ability to gain employment, apply for housing and obtain professional licenses. While we understand you may be stressed about your future, we want you to rely on us to get the best possible outcome in your case. As experienced trial lawyers, we can pursue the most apt path to resolution in your case, whether that means negotiating a plea deal or taking your case to trial. We will not stop fighting until we have obtained the best results for you.

If you are facing charges related to a municipal court offense in New Jersey, please call Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC at 732-303-7857 to arrange a free consultation. Our experienced defense attorneys are proud to advocate on behalf of defendants in Newark, Jersey City and all of the surrounding areas.


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