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New Jersey Municipal Courts

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Municipal Courts are courts that only preside over cases where the offense took place within their own jurisdiction. In New Jersey, a municipal jurisdiction may be a specific city, township, or borough. Although municipal courts cases can transfer more serious criminal matters to a Superior Court, they cannot consider cases for offenses that happened outside their own jurisdiction.

There are 539 Municipal Courts in New Jersey and each one is operated by the city, township or borough in which the courts are located.

Types of Cases Heard by New Jersey’s Municipal Courts

The majority of all cases filed in the New Jersey Court system are dealt with in municipal courts, who hear a great variety of cases including disorderly persons offenses (DPO), cases involving hunting, fishing and boating laws, and minor disputes between neighbors. But the majority of cases heard in New Jersey’s municipal courts are related to motor-vehicles offenses, such as illegal parking, speeding and driving while intoxicated.

Some of the non-traffic related, minor criminal offenses (disorderly persons offenses) heard by municipal courts include

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In New Jersey, a conviction for driving with a suspended or revoked drivers license can result in mandatory jail time and up to $2,250 in fines and surcharges. To avoid stiff penalties for any case before a municipal court, you need an experienced attorney to represent your best interests.

The law firm of Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC has the skills and experience to assess your case, cross-examine the charging police officer at trial if necessary and advise you on a course of action that is best for you. Whether we are negotiating with the Prosecutor or defending your legal rights at a trial, we understand the system and how to make it best work for you. Call 732-303-7857 or complete the form on this page to arrange a free consultation.


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