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Neptune NJ DWI Attorneys

Our Neptune DWI Lawyers handle DWI matters throughout Monmouth County and all of New Jersey. Our DWI lawyers are aggressive, experienced DWI lawyers who have successfully litigated DWI matters across the state. Call us today for a free consultation.

If you are charged with DWI in Neptune our attorneys will take the time and analyze the factual circumstances to determine if you have a possible defense to the charges. Initially, our attorneys will determine if the police officer had a legal justification to conduct a motor vehicle stop. In most instances, the officer will allege that the individual committed a traffic offense such as failure to maintain a lane or speeding. Our Neptune DWI Lawyers will determine if the police had that legal justification. If they did not, the entire DWI charge can be dismissed.

Next our lawyers will determine if the police officer had sufficient probable cause to make the DWI arrest. Typically, an officer will need probable cause to believe that the person was driving their vehicle under the influence of alcohol to make an arrest. If the officer did not have the required probable cause to make the arrest, the DWI charge may be dismissed.

Both the reason for the stop and the reason for the arrest are typically challenged through a motion to suppress. A motion to suppress occurs in the Municipal Court and is typically similar to a trial. The arresting officer will have to offer testimony in order to justify his or her reason for pulling the vehicle over and making the DWI arrest. If the officer cannot justify those two actions, the DWI case may be dismissed.

All of these potential defenses and whether they will be successful or not are very specific to the facts and circumstance of each individual case. It is therefore very important that a qualified Neptune DWI lawyer analyze all the facts and circumstances and determine if a motion to suppress should be filed.

If you or someone you know would like to speak with one of our Neptune DWI lawyers call our office or click on the contact us sections of this site. Our always will take the time to discuss all of the factual circumstances with you, including whether a motion to suppress should be filed. Our attorneys will aggressively litigate a motion to suppress if we are retained to handle the matter and the facts and circumstances warrant such a motion.


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