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Union Beach Borough Municipal Court

As is the case with most New Jersey beach towns, Union Beach law enforcement does not tolerate offenders when it comes to traffic violations, drunk driving, or crime. Speeding tickets will be issued to drivers caught traveling too fast on Route 36 to the coastline, or to New York / New Jersey commuters racing over the speed limit to get to and from work. A fair number of tickets for other moving violations and disorderly persons offenses are also handled by the Union Beach Municipal Court.

Traffic violations may seem “petty” to some drivers who get tickets, but speeding, reckless and careless driving convictions can add points to your New Jersey driver’s license which may also lead to an increase in insurance rates, and in some cases hefty fines, driver’s license suspension, and even jail time. Before deciding to pay a ticket, consider the consequences it can have on your record, and talk with an attorney to see if it makes sense to fight the charges against you. You have the right to challenge tickets, and we can often get municipal court charges and traffic offenses reduced or even dismissed.

Police have the discretion to decide what charge(s) to assess drivers. An overzealous officer may accuse you of reckless driving when in fact, you were not. It is your right to challenge a traffic or municipal offense and protect your rights. We can help you defend against a reckless or careless driving charges, a DUI, or a speeding ticket, and retain your driving privileges by beginning immediately with a careful analysis of the police investigation and all possible defenses to the charge.

We Fight Back Against Charges Involving Disorderly Persons Offenses, Underage Drinking, and Fake IDs

In addition to traffic violations, the Union Beach Municipal Court also handles disorderly persons and other non-indictable offenses. Because of its high rate of summer tourists the court also deals with a number of arrests for underage drinking, DWIs, and fake IDs.

Whether you have been charged with a traffic violation, disorderly persons offense, or local municipal offense, our attorneys can help you understand the charges you are facing, the possible outcomes, and help guide you to the right legal decision in your particular case. For a free initial consultation, contact our experienced Union Beach defense attorneys today by calling 732-303-7857.

We represent clients who have been accused of a wide range of municipal court offenses and traffic violations, including:

For a free initial consultation, call 732-303-7857 or contact our experienced Union Beach reckless driving and traffic violations attorneys online today.

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