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Brielle Municipal Court Offenses

If you received a speeding ticket, or other moving violation on Route 35, Route 71, or anywhere in the jurisdiction of Brielle, NJ, your may think that your only option is to pay the ticket, which is the same thing as pleading guilty to the offense. This may even seem like the fastest, and therefore, the best way to handle the problem — pay the ticket and simply move forward. But you have the right to challenge any ticket or charge against you in municipal court and protect your driving record.

Even though most moving violations are deemed “civil” offenses, a conviction can still cost you in increased insurance premiums, add points to your driver’s license, and in some cases, result in loss of driving privileges. Before you pay the ticket and accept the charges against you, talk with one of our traffic violations defense attorneys to make sure you fully understand the consequences, and to explore your legal options.

We represent clients in municipal court who have been accused of a wide range of municipal court offenses and traffic violations, including:

Our Background

Our New Jersey criminal defense law firm has the experience and knowledge of the system to immediately clear up any confusion you may have about the charges and penalties you are facing. We will answer all of your questions to your satisfaction, especially when you may have already received conflicting information. After speaking with us, you will have the information you need to confidently take the next step in your case.

The criminal defense lawyers at Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC are former Monmouth County prosecutors with 30 years of combined criminal trial experience. Our team now uses that experience to protect the rights of people charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses in New Jersey.

If you have been arrested and charged with criminal mischief, a disorderly persons offense, or any other municipal offense, contact our law firm any time of the day or night to arrange a free consultation.

We will explain the charges and what you should expect as your move through the system. Most important, you will have straight answers, so you can make the right decisions. If you retain us to represent you, we will give you an honest evaluation of your case and an assessment of the best defenses and trial strategy possible. In all cases, we work aggressively to have your charges reduced or dismissed. We have an excellent record of successful outcomes.

Brielle Municipal Court Facts

Cases heard in New Jersey’s municipal courts include the following types of violations:

  • Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws
  • Disorderly and Petty Disorderly Persons offenses (criminal cases which may result in fines or jail)
  • Municipal Ordinances (local laws)

More serious offenses, known as indictable offenses, are sent to the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office. The County Prosecutor decides whether to present the case to the Grand Jury or to return the case to the municipal court as a less serious offense (i.e., a downgrade offense.) If you are indicted on an offense, your case will go to Superior Court.

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