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Monmouth County Client Accused of Domestic Violence

When I hired Ryan Clark I had been falsely accused of domestic violence and had both criminal charges in municipal court and a restraining order in superior court. Ryan assured me that he was not going to let me be victimized by the system. He took the time to lay out a detailed defense and thoroughly prepared to take the cases to trial. We filed a counter complaint in municipal court and tried the restraining order. During the restraining order hearing Ryan’s detailed cross examination brought to light the lack of credibility of the alleged victim, the absurdity of the allegations, and laid the foundation for our defense, that I was actually the victim. Ryan’s hard work resulted in the outright dismissals of both the restraining order and the criminal charges. He subsequently moved to expunge my arrest record putting the whole mess completely behind me. I had never been in that kind of situation before and felt that from the start the system was already stacked against me. Having Ryan there to guide me though the process and to expertly fight to bring the truth to light was truly a godsend. Anyone facing criminal charges or a restraining order would be well served to hire Ryan to take on their cases.

Monmouth County Drug Crime Lawyer

  Monmouth County Drug Crime Lawyer If you have been charged with a drug offense in Monmouth County  you can protect your rights with the best defense by working with a Monmouth County drug charge attorney. No one ever wants to have a criminal conviction on his or her record, but this is especially true […]

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What are my Defenses to a Wall Township DWI?

  Wall Township, New Jersey is a busy town in Monmouth County that handles many Wall DWI matters on a monthly basis. Wall borders Jersey shore towns Belmar, and Manasquan.  Those shore towns are home to many bars and nightclubs.   Challenging the Motor Vehicle Stop. If an individual is stopped and charged with DWI in […]

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Can Police Officers Call the Dogs During a Traffic Stop?

In some circumstances, police officers may be able to summon police dogs to a traffic stop.  The reasonable and articulable suspicion that the officers possesses at the time will be the deciding factor.   Police officers are permitted to conduct a traffic stop based upon reasonable and articulable suspicion.  They are further permitted to issue […]

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