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Middlesex County Sex Crime Attorney

A sex offense conviction could mean living the rest of your life as a registered sex offender.  Find out how to defend against your charges by working with a Middlesex County sex crime lawyer.

While a conviction for any criminal offense can have disastrous consequences for your life and reputation, few charges carry the stigma of a sex crime. While all crimes have a lasting impact beyond the legal penalties, sex-related offenses can literally make you a pariah from society.

It doesn’t have to be this way, however. Just because you’ve been charged, it doesn’t mean that your case is doomed to end in a conviction.

By working with the right defense attorney, it’s possible that your charges could be dismissed, or at least reduced. In the event of a dismissal or acquittal, you can also have the record of the arrest expunged from your record.

When you need to fight a criminal sex offense, you want a Middlesex County sex crime lawyer from Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC on your side. We never give up on a case, and we’ll always strive to have your charges dismissed.

Sex Crimes in New Jersey

New Jersey law recognizes a number of different sex-related offenses. In some cases, it’s actually surprisingly easy to commit an offense without even realizing it. This won’t work as your defense, however, making it critical to understand the charges you face.

Generally speaking, sex crimes that involve minors and a lack of consent are likely to result in the harshest penalties. It’s important not to lose hope, however.

Whether you made an honest mistake or didn’t commit the sex crime you’ve been charged with, it’s always possible to mount a defense. Our firm won’t back down, no matter what the prosecution’s case involves, and we’ll make certain you understand everything involved in the charges against you.

These are just a few of the more common sex offenses seen in Middlesex County:

  • Sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Prostitution
  • Endangering the welfare of a child (sexual conduct or child pornography)
  • Criminal sexual contact
  • Indecent exposure

Legal Penalties for Sex-Related Offenses in New Jersey

Getting charged with any sex crime is serious. In fact, the majority of these offenses are indictable offenses, which are the equivalent of felonies in other states. In New Jersey, this means that a grand jury will ultimately decide on whether to charge you, and your case will then go to trial.

Because these offenses are essentially felonies, a conviction will result in some of the most serious punishments available under New Jersey law. Additionally, the stigma associated with these crimes means that the prosecution is likely to push for the harshest sentence possible.

The exact punishment you could face upon conviction will depend on the degree of the offense. Your Middlesex County sex crime lawyer will help you determine what to expect:

  • Fourth-Degree Offense – Prison sentence of up to eighteen months, fine of up to $10,000
  • Third-Degree Offense – Prison sentence of between three and five years, fine of up to $15,000
  • Second-Degree Offense – Prison sentence of between five and ten years, fine of up to $150,000
  • First-Degree Offense – Prison sentence of life or between ten and thirty years, fine of up to $200,000

Conviction Means Registering as a Sex Offender

As if the prison sentence isn’t harsh enough, a conviction for many sex crimes will also require registering as a sex offender after your sentence has been served.

Sex offender status can massively complicate your life in many negative ways, further underscoring how important it is to fight your charges.

While not all offenses will require you to register, any offenses involving a minor or a lack of consent almost certainly will. While other states limit the length of time offenders are required to register based on their “tier,” New Jersey requires all sex offenders to register for life.

It is possible to apply to have your sex offender status ended when certain conditions are present, however. If this is your situation, a sex crime lawyer from our office can help you determine if you are eligible.

The Impact of a Sex Crime Conviction on Your Life

While becoming a registered sex offender may force you to identify yourself as such to your neighbors and limit certain public places that you’re allowed to be, the negative consequences don’t end there.

As a sex offender, it’s possible that you’ll also lose access to your children. At best, you might be allowed supervised visitation, but the children’s other parent has a high chance of successfully barring you from having contact with them, especially if your charges involved a minor.

You will have a felony conviction, which means that it will become incredibly difficult to find work, apply for housing, and obtain loans.

Needless to say, a conviction for a sex crime can irrevocably change your life for the worse. By working with a Middlesex County sex crime lawyer from our office, you give yourself the best chance of clearing your name of the charges against you.

Middlesex County Sex Crime FAQ

No one should have to face getting charged with a sex crime without legal guidance. The consequences of a conviction are harsh, and you’re bound to have questions about what’s ahead. We’ve answered a few common questions here, but don’t hesitate to contact us for more in-depth information.

What happens if I’m required to register as a sex offender in New Jersey but don’t?

Not registering as a sex offender when you’re required to is a fourth-degree indictable offense in New Jersey. This essentially makes it a low-level felony, and a conviction can result in a prison sentence of up to eighteen months and a fine of up to $10,000.

If I didn’t know the person accusing me of a sex crime was a minor, will it help my defense?

In most cases, no. If your accuser lied about his or her age, it might help in getting a reduced sentence, but winning an acquittal or getting the charges reduced will require building a full defense with help from an experienced defense attorney.

What is Megan’s Law and how does it apply to my case?

Megan’s Law is the federal law that requires people convicted of certain sex crimes to register as sex offenders. Registering will make your information available in an online database that can be accessed by virtually anyone.

Connect with a Middlesex Sex Offense Attorney

If you’re facing charges for a sex-related offense, you can’t take chances with your future; you have to fight the charges against you. Otherwise, you face accepting some of the harshest penalties available in New Jersey’s criminal justice system and the possibility of living the rest of your life as a registered sex offender.

Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC will never stop fighting on your behalf. When you need a full acquittal or dismissal, you need a Middlesex County sex crime lawyer from our office on your side. To schedule a free and confidential consultation, just complete the form below or call 732-303-7857.


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