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Marlboro NJ DWI Attorney

The Marlboro DWI Lawyers at our firm handle DWI matters throughout New Jersey. If you or someone you know would like to speak with one of our Marlboro DWI Lawyers call our office or click on the contact us tab. Our attorneys have successfully handled DWI matters throughout the state of New Jersey. Our DWI lawyers have been successful in obtaining the dismissal of DWI charges.

Marlboro, New Jersey, located in Monmouth County, is a fairly large town. Major highways and roadways run through the town and are sometimes the place in which individual’s are arrested for DWI. DWI’s which occur in Marlboro are prosecuted in the Marlboro Municipal Court. One question which often comes up after a DWI arrest is what is the basis for the arrest and how did the officer determine that he or she had enough evidence to arrest someone for DWI. The answer is not a single specific answer but is a factual analysis which depends upon all the facts and circumstances of the DWI arrest.

In order to make an arrest for DWI the officer needs to have probable cause to believe that the person was under the influence of alcohol and driving their vehicle. Probable cause in most DWI matters is determined, in part, by the officer conducting what are known as standard field sobriety tests. The National Transportation Safety Board details three tests which may be conducted and may help in determining if an individual is under the influence of alcohol. The first test is the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. This test, tests the smooth transition of the eyes when the individual is asked to follow a pen or pen light from side to side. The second test is the one leg stand test. This test has the individual stand on one leg and count aloud. Their one foot should be held straight in front of them, about six inches off the ground. The final test which is often used is the walk and turn test. This test has the individual walk a straight line for a certain number of steps (usually 10) turn around the walk back. Overall, the officer or officers will observe these tests and attempt to use the performance on these tests to aid the officer in a determination as to whether the person is under the influence of alcohol and unfit to drive. Routine signs of alcohol intoxication such as droopy eyes, slurred speech and the smell of alcohol are also considered.

If you or someone you know would like to speak with one of our Marlboro DWI Lawyers call us today. Our firm will carefully analyze the exact circumstances of the DWI arrest including the field sobriety tests that were conducted. In some situations, the tests may have been videotaped and our lawyers will be able to obtain those video recordings. Either way, our attorneys are here to help.


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