Possession of Dum Dum Bullets Defense Attorneys in New Jersey

Possession of dum dum bullets, commonly known as armor piercing rounds, could result in jail time and fines.

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Penalties To Expect for a Dum Dum Possession Charge in NJ

In New Jersey, the criminal offense of Possession Of Dum Dum Bullets is governed by New Jersey statute, 2C:39-3. Under this section, an individual who has in his or her possession dum dum or armor piercing bullets will be guilty of a crime of the fourth degree. A fourth degree criminal conviction can result in a period of probation, a period of probation as well as a county jail sentence, a state prison sentence of up to 18 months as well as fines and community service.

New Jersey statute 2C:39-3 has a specific exception for individuals who are in law enforcement or the armed forces. Those individuals are permitted to possess dum dum and or armor piercing bullets in a certain authorized and lawful manner. Additionally, a collector may possess certain bullets in very specific circumstances.


What Exactly Are “Dum Dum Bullets”?

Under the statute, an armor piercing of dum dum bullet is defined as a bullet which has a core or jacket that is thicker than ¼ of an inch and is made of tungsten carbide or hard bronze or any other metal which has a 72 of greater Rockwell B rating and is therefore capable of piercing body armor or bullet proof materials.


New Jersey’s Pre Trial Intervention Program

An individual who is charged with possession of Dum Dum Bullets may be eligible for pretrial intervention or PTI. PTI is a program which permits an individual to be supervised for a specific period of time by the probation department. If that individual completes the pretrial intervention program, they will have the charges against them dismissed and the criminal arrest may be expunged.


Charged With Possession of Dum Dum Bullets? Here’s What To Do Next:

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