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Farmingdale NJ DWI Attorney

The Farmingdale DWI lawyers at our firm represent clients who have been charged with DWI in Farmingdale and all other towns in Monmouth County. Our attorneys have handled DWI matters for different people who have been charged in different circumstances. Call us today for a free consultation. We have helped many people who were charged with DWI and other offenses.

Farmingdale is a small town located in Monmouth County. Farmingdale DWI matters are handled in the Farmingdale Municipal Court. The court is located in the downtown area of the town. More information about the Farmingdale Municipal Court can be found on the courts website. You can access the website by clicking this link. http://farmingdaleborough.org/departments/court

When an individual is charged with DWI one of the ways in which the state or prosecution may attempt to prove the DWI charge is by using any statements the individual made at the scene when they were questioned by the police officer. Under the United States and New Jersey Constitutions, an individual has to have their Miranda rights read to them before they are subject to custodial interrogation. Custodial interrogation means that the individual is in custody and that the individual is being questioned by police about the facts and circumstances of the alleged offense. Custody is typically defined as the individual is not free to leave. At a traffic stop, an individual would be considered detained under the law, however, the law is not completely clear as to when the individual has to be read his or her miranda rights when they are pulled over for DWI. Courts have permitted some on scene questioning in regards to consumption of alcohol, after a traffic stop without the officer first reading the person their Miranda rights. Obviously the reading of Miranda rights and when an individual can have his or her statements suppressed because the rights were not read is a fact specific inquiry. A qualified Farmingdale DWI lawyer at our firm will be able to fully explain your rights and any potential defenses if you retain one of our attorneys.

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