First Offense Felony Drug Charges in New Jersey

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In New Jersey, criminal offenses are not typically classified as felonies or misdemeanors. They are either criminal or disorderly persons offenses. However, a criminal drug offense would be similar to a first offense felony drug charge in another jurisdiction. A first offense felony drug in New Jersey will vary in severity from fourth degree to first degree. A fourth degree charge carries up to eighteen months in state prison. A first degree criminal drug charge can carry up to twenty years in a New Jersey state prison.

Can the case be dismissed?

The simple answer to this questions is yes. A first offense felony drug charge can be dismissed in certain circumstances. A first offense felony drug charge can be dismissed if there is a problem with the way in which the drugs were recovered. A problem may specifically mean that the drugs which were recovered by officers, were recovered in violation of the United States and or New Jersey Constitution. The charges may also be dismissed if the charges cannot be established beyond a reasonable doubt based upon the specific facts and circumstances. Finally, the charges may be dismissed upon the successful completion of a pre-trial program called pre-trial intervention. Pre-Trial Intervention places the defendant on a period of probation for a certain period of time. Other conditions may also be placed upon the defendant. If the defendant complies with all of the conditions, the charges may be dismissed at the end of the probationary period.