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In New Jersey, the criminal code does not classify criminal offenses in the most common way. Throughout the United States, many states and the federal code classify crimes as either felonies or misdemeanors. Felonies are the most serious offenses carrying the most severe penalties. Misdemeanors typically carry less then a year in jail. However, New Jersey does not use this system. In New Jersey, criminal offenses are either crimes or disorderly persons offenses. However, criminal offenses in New Jersey would typically be considered felonies in most other jurisdictions and disorderly persons offenses would typically be considered misdemeanors in many other jurisdictions. New Jersey felony drug charges would typically be considered New Jersey drug crimes.

In New Jersey, possession of most controlled dangerous substances is a third degree criminal offenses. A third degree criminal offense can carry between three and five years in a New Jersey state prison and or a period of probation as well as significant fines. In some circumstances, depending upon the weight of the drugs, an individual can be charged with a second or even first degree drug offense. A second degree drug offense carries between five and ten years in New Jersey state prison upon conviction as well as significant fines. A first degree drug offense carries between ten and twenty years in a New Jersey state prison along with significant fines. The above drug charges in New Jersey would be considered felony drug charges in New Jersey if another jurisdiction were to attempt to classify the above drug offenses based upon the potential penalties.

Typical controlled dangerous substances in New Jersey include heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, and hallucinogenic drugs. Depending upon the weight in which these drugs are possessed, these offense can range in seriousness from third degree to first degree. All of these offenses would be much like a felony drug charge in New Jersey even though they are classified in a slightly different way.

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