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What is Ecstasy or MDMA?

Ecstasy is a mind altering man made drug that contains various chemicals and compounds. The main ingredient found in the drug is dioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). Ecstasy was at one time used legally in the United States for the treatment of various mental health issues. However, in the 1980’s, it was outlawed throughout the United States. It is considered a controlled dangerous substance in the state of New Jersey and therefore there are significant penalties for possession of ecstasy.


Is Possession of Ecstasy a Felony in New Jersey?

The short answer is yes. Possession of ecstasy in any amount is considered possession of a controlled dangerous substance (possession of CDS) and is a crime of the third degree. This means that upon conviction an individual may receive probation, fines and in some circumstances may be sentenced to three to five years in a New Jersey state prison. However, if an individual is in possession of ecstasy in an amount greater then one half ounce but less than five ounces that will be considered a crime of the second degree.

Possession of ecstasy in an amount greater than five ounces is a crime of the first degree. Both first and second degree crimes carry a presumption of state prison upon conviction. For a second degree crime the sentencing range is five to ten years in a New Jersey state prison and for a first degree crime, the sentencing range is ten to twenty years.


Getting Your Ecstasy Possession Charge Reduced Or Dismissed

Because someone has been charged with possession of ecstasy does not mean that they will be convicted of a charge of possession of ecstasy. As with all drug related offenses, various defenses under the law do exist. Those defenses include challenged the proof that the individual was actually in possession of the ecstasy as well as challenging the way in which police officers discovered the ecstasy.

Even if police officers obtained a warrant, the discovery of the ecstasy can still be challenged in a court of law. Obviously, the above defenses are all contingent upon the specific facts and circumstances of the possession of ecstasy charge. It is therefore important that you contact a qualified New Jersey Ecstasy Possession Lawyer to handle your case.


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