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Restraining orders are serious matters. Usually, people are taken by surprise when they are informed of these orders, requested by family members, ex-spouses and other parties with whom you may have a current or former relationship.

You deserve an experienced, committed defense attorney on your side. At Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC., our experienced team will fight tirelessly to obtain the best results for you.

Cases Involving Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs)

If you have been informed that a temporary restraining order has been filed against you, then you should contact our attorneys as soon as possible. We can immediately begin working to minimize the negative consequences of the order and to fight for what is in your best interest. Typically, a TRO means you may be removed from your home and barred from seeing your family. All that is required is for the other party to allege you have committed an act of domestic violence against them.

If a judge finds that the alleged “victim” appears to be in danger of being the victim of continued acts of domestic violence, he or she will order a TRO. Unfortunately, and (in many cases unfairly), you usually do not even know that the alleged victim is applying for a temporary restraining order until the police show up at your house to have you removed or arrested. Any firearms or other weapons in your possession are also seized and an entirely separate proceeding is required to get those weapons back.

Cases Involving Final Restraining Orders

A final restraining order hearing must occur within 10 days after you are issued a TRO. Our experienced defense attorneys will represent you aggressively during this hearing. It’s important to obtain a favorable result when threatened with an FRO.

Many people make the mistake of consenting to the entry of a Final Restraining Order, often because they don’t want to have any future contact with the person alleging abuse. But it’s important to avoid an FRO whenever possible.

If a final restraining order is entered against you, it can have far-reaching, potentially life-altering consequences, such as:

  • Subjected to fingerprinting
  • Included in a central registry of persons with domestic violence restraining orders
  • Contempt offense for violation of the restraining order
  • Barred from possessing a firearm or a firearms purchaser’s identification card

The FRO hearing is an important time for our attorneys to challenge the allegations against you. The allegations may be misleading, overblown or altogether false.

Our attorneys are former prosecutors who have previously served in the domestic violence unit of a county prosecutor’s office. We have had great success challenging the allegations made during these final restraining orders resulting in numerous cases being dismissed. The lawyers at Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC. have the skill and experience to effectively represent you.  Let our experience work for you.

For a free consultation with the experienced Newark and Jersey City restraining order attorneys at Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC., please call our New Jersey law firm at 732-303-7857.

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