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Ocean County Client Accused of Second Degree Aggravated Assault

When my family went out and found Ryan Clark to represent me I had already been sitting in jail for months, falsely accused of Second Degree Assault with a Deadly Weapon. We had retained another lawyer who simply had not done anything on my case while I sat in the county jail with an immigration hold. As soon as we hired Ryan things changed. He immediately went to work and had all the witnesses brought to his office. His office manager Cloe interpreted for him, and he was able to interview and take statements from the witnesses who saw that I was innocent. He was then able to get those statements to the prosecutor. Within a few weeks Ryan had got the prosecutor to put the case before the grand jury with the witness statements that he provided. The result was all of the charges were outright dismissed. Being undocumented I felt like there was no way that we would ever get anyone to listen to us, or care that I had been taken away from my wife and children and was facing being deported because of this case. Ryan really did care, and lived up to his promise to me and my family, to fight for me and help bring the truth to light. Now I recommend him to anyone I hear of who has problems like I had. I would never go to anyone else.

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