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Father of a Monmouth County Juvenile Client Accused of Criminal Mischief

My son was charged with criminal mischief as a juvenile and I was concerned about what the charges might do to his record. My son and I went in to see Ryan Clark in his office and Ryan was able to answer all of my questions on how this could impact my son. Ryan was also great at talking to my son. He didn’t give him a lecture or anything, but he was able to make my son understand how important it was to keep his record clean and he gave him a lot of helpful advice about dealing with the police in general as a teenager. As for the case itself, Ryan was able to press the prosecutor regarding proof issues that he brought to my attention in the police reports. We had to go back to court a few times but eventually Ryan was able to get the charges dismissed with the agreement that we pay for the damages. It was a really great outcome. My son and I are truly grateful for the time Ryan took with us even on what seemed like such a minor case. In the end it was really worth it to retain him to protect my son’s record. He would be a great attorney for any family caught up in a similar situation.

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