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At the law firm of Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC, our NJ criminal defense attorneys have the answers you need, and more importantly, have the knowledge and real experience that you can trust. Our partners, Charles Clark and Ryan Clark, have nearly forty years of combined experience exclusively practicing criminal law in New Jersey, thirty years of which were spent as trial prosecutors. The following are our client testimonials.

  • Client Charged with Property Damage in Monmouth County

    Excellent service in coordinating my property damage restitution matter. Mr. Clark was always available when I needed him, returned all my calls in an expeditious manner, and pursued my case with a vigor that brought about an optimal conclusion. I would use his services again, and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Ryan.


  • Speeding Ticket in Monmouth County

    He [Ryan Clark] is a very knowledgeable and respectable lawyer hands down. I was recommended to him by one of my coworkers who knows him very well and honestly it was the best choice I ever made. I thank him and my coworker for his excellent recommendation.

  • Professional Referral from an Attorney in Monmouth County

    As a fellow attorney, I could detail the magnificent way the gentleman at this firm handles each and every case. I could write about how they work every lead, pursue every detail, and treat each client as an individual. It would all be true. However, I think the best way to truly elaborate on how much respect and admiration that I have for the work that these guys do is to say that they are the people that I would want protecting the interests of myself and my family in times of need. It is as simple as that.

    Mike Rose

  • Monmouth County Client

    My family hired Mr. Clark after having a bad experience with another attorney who first took on my brother’s case. From the beginning, Mr. Clark was very helpful in answering questions and providing us with information regarding my brother’s case (even before officially obtaining his services). He was always quick to respond to my emails and calls. I highly recommend using Mr. Clark’s services. I was pleased with his work and will forever be grateful for his services in my brother’s case.

    K. Chalen

  • Hudson County Client, Google Review

    I recommend them to everyone, they are the best! And will actually fight for you and know people to talk to. I would recommend them for anything and everything.

    A. Azevedo

  • Monmouth County Client Accused of Domestic Violence

    My ex-girlfriend had me charged with harassment and filed a temporary restraining order against me over something I said to her. It wasn’t a nice thing to say, but at the end of the day it was how I really felt. Fearing the consequences my mother and I interviewed several local attorneys all of whom talked about how serious the consequences were. They also said that they could work the case out, and all I’d have to pay was a fine. Then we met with Ryan Clark. I immediately felt that Ryan really understood me and my situation. There wasn’t any talk about working the case out either. He explained how my right to free speech protected me from being convicted of the criminal charge and protected me from getting a final restraining order entered against me. He asked me what I wanted to do, he didn’t tell me what he thought I should do.

    The difference was night and day from the other attorneys and so I hired him to represent me. Needless to say it was impressive to watch him work. He negotiated a dismissal of the restraining order in return for an agreement that prevented my ex-girlfriend from contacting me again and an agreement for her not to oppose a dismissal of the criminal charge in municipal court. When it came time to go to municipal court my ex-girlfriend went back on her word and wanted me to plead guilty to a township ordinance and pay a fine. Ryan told me this was a non-criminal offence but explained the law was on our side. I turned it down, and Ryan came back to court with me at least six times until trial finally took place. He was completely prepared, and his cross examination of my ex-girlfriend laid out clearly why I was upset and why I said what I said.

    When it came time for me to testify, I was ready because Ryan had taken the time to prepare me for not only what I was going to testify about, but how to handle questions on cross examination, and what to expect. On summation Ryan stood up and passionately defended my right to free speech and laid out an impressive array of case law to support what he was saying. The judge promptly agreed with him and acquitted me. I didn’t have the case of the century, but Ryan treated it that way and that’s the difference I think between a plea lawyer and one who really fights for his clients. He wasn’t the first attorney I ever hired, but after what he did for me I’d never go to anyone else.

    Clark, Clark & Noonan Client

    Monmouth County
  • Middlesex County Client Charged With Forgery

    I was charged with forging a court document during a divorce proceeding. All I kept thinking was that I was going to have a felony on my record and that I might go to jail. When I spoke to Ryan after finding Clark, Clark & Noonan, LLC. on the internet, my whole perception about the case and the likely outcome changed. He explained how it is the prosecutor’s burden to prove a case and how the case against me had real problems from the prosecutor’s standpoint.

    Ryan also explained how sometimes the best defense is a good offense. To make a long story short, under Ryan’s guidance, we were able to obtain evidence that completely exonerated me. He then used that evidence to get the prosecutor to completely dismiss the charges. I had never been so relived in my life. Ryan truly gave me my life back. I really felt like I go the benefit of his knowledge of the system and how to deal with changing the prosecutor’s initial ideas about me and the case. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney who really knows how to fight for his clients.

    Clark, Clark & Noonan Client

    Middlesex County
  • Hudson County Client

    I never really got in any trouble in my life but over last two years I seemed to step into one mess after another. I wound up getting charged with a number of domestic violence charges and a shoplifting charge in municipal court. Prior to hiring Ryan Clark and his firm to represent me I was convinced I was going to wind up in jail and a convicted felon. I felt like all my schooling and work experience was going to be worthless when all was said and done. Once Ryan began handling my cases though he not only managed to keep me out of prison, he was able to get results that now leave me without a single conviction.

    First I was indicted for 2nd Degree Aggravated Assault and had a restraining order. Ryan tried the restraining order where he cross examined the plaintiff and gave a very detailed legal argument as to why the final restraining order should not be granted. The judge agreed and dismissed the case. He was then able to use that to convince the prosecutor on the criminal charge to let me into PTI despite the general prohibition of letting someone with a 2nd degree charge into that program. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay out of trouble and I eventually picked up another restraining order, and an additional assault charge, and a charge for violating a restraining order. To add to all of that I also got charged with a separate shoplifting case.

    Ryan kept at it though. He asserted a defense in the restraining order violation case and pushed it right up to a trial when the prosecutor finally just dismissed it. Because he kept going back to court and pushing the prosecutors to their proofs he eventually wore them out I think. The end result was that the remaining assault and shoplifting charges were also dismissed and I was able to complete PTI since I had no convictions. Soon I will be having Ryan do an expungement for me that will completely clear my record. I never would have thought an attorney would have fought that hard for someone who kept getting into trouble, but Ryan never gave up on me. At every step he was prepared and I could see how he put his trial experience to work to help move both the prosecutors and judges away from throwing the book at me. I cannot believe that any other attorney could have gotten me these kind of results and I am so grateful.

    Clark, Clark & Noonan Client

    Hudson County
  • Monmouth County Client Accused of Domestic Violence

    When I hired Ryan Clark I had been falsely accused of domestic violence and had both criminal charges in municipal court and a restraining order in superior court. Ryan assured me that he was not going to let me be victimized by the system. He took the time to lay out a detailed defense and thoroughly prepared to take the cases to trial. We filed a counter complaint in municipal court and tried the restraining order. During the restraining order hearing Ryan’s detailed cross examination brought to light the lack of credibility of the alleged victim, the absurdity of the allegations, and laid the foundation for our defense, that I was actually the victim.

    Ryan’s hard work resulted in the outright dismissals of both the restraining order and the criminal charges. He subsequently moved to expunge my arrest record putting the whole mess completely behind me. I had never been in that kind of situation before and felt that from the start the system was already stacked against me. Having Ryan there to guide me though the process and to expertly fight to bring the truth to light was truly a godsend. Anyone facing criminal charges or a restraining order would be well served to hire Ryan to take on their cases.

    Clark, Clark & Noonan Client

    Monmouth County
  • Father of a Monmouth County Juvenile Client Accused of Criminal Mischief

    My son was charged with criminal mischief as a juvenile and I was concerned about what the charges might do to his record. My son and I went in to see Ryan Clark in his office and Ryan was able to answer all of my questions on how this could impact my son. Ryan was also great at talking to my son. He didn’t give him a lecture or anything, but he was able to make my son understand how important it was to keep his record clean and he gave him a lot of helpful advice about dealing with the police in general as a teenager.

    As for the case itself, Ryan was able to press the prosecutor regarding proof issues that he brought to my attention in the police reports. We had to go back to court a few times but eventually Ryan was able to get the charges dismissed with the agreement that we pay for the damages. It was a really great outcome. My son and I are truly grateful for the time Ryan took with us even on what seemed like such a minor case. In the end it was really worth it to retain him to protect my son’s record. He would be a great attorney for any family caught up in a similar situation.

    Clark, Clark & Noonan Client

    Monmouth County
  • Ocean County Client Accused of Second Degree Aggravated Assault

    “When my family went out and found Ryan Clark to represent me I had already been sitting in jail for months, falsely accused of Second Degree Assault with a Deadly Weapon. We had retained another lawyer who simply had not done anything on my case while I sat in the county jail with an immigration hold. As soon as we hired Ryan things changed. He immediately went to work and had all the witnesses brought to his office. His office manager Cloe interpreted for him, and he was able to interview and take statements from the witnesses who saw that I was innocent. He was then able to get those statements to the prosecutor.

    Within a few weeks Ryan had got the prosecutor to put the case before the grand jury with the witness statements that he provided. The result was all of the charges were outright dismissed. Being undocumented I felt like there was no way that we would ever get anyone to listen to us, or care that I had been taken away from my wife and children and was facing being deported because of this case. Ryan really did care, and lived up to his promise to me and my family, to fight for me and help bring the truth to light. Now I recommend him to anyone I hear of who has problems like I had. I would never go to anyone else.”

    Clark, Clark & Noonan Client

    Ocean County


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