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Arrests and Charges In Cape May County

Summer months bring warmer weather, which invariably means more people will spend time out of doors, especially at the beach. But summer months also tend to usher in a rise in many types of crimes including theft crimes, juvenile crimes, and those relating to drugs, drunk driving and other traffic offenses, and even violent crimes such as assaults and bar fights.

Teens and college kids are out of school for the summer and may congregate for planned or even spontaneous parties. When alcohol and hot summer nights mix, kids can sometimes get into trouble with the law.

Juvenile Offenses

If your child was arrested for underage drinking, trespassing, public nuisance, a theft crime, or any other juvenile crime, we can help. We will aggressively seek to have charges dismissed to avoid your child having a criminal record. We understand that sometimes kids are innocent and may be charged with a crime simply because they were in the vicinity of others breaking the law. Regardless of whether your child was involved in illegal activity, we also understand the kids make mistakes and will work hard to make sure your child’s rights are protected.

Assault Charges

Young adults and even minor children are also more likely to find themselves in situations of conflict during summer months when people tend to gather in groups at the beach, parties, streets, or bars. Physically hitting or punching another person is assault. But threatening someone else with a deadly weapon, is also a very serious offense that can lead to being charged with the more serious crime of aggravated assault.

Situations Where You Can Be Charged with Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is a more severe charge than simple assault and can be charged as a 2nd degree offense, a 3rd degree offense, or as a 4th degree offense. Whether or not you can be charged with aggravated assault depends upon many things; however, if any of the following conditions exist, you can be charged aggravated assault:

  • The assault was against an officer, security guard, fireman, or any public official including judges, teachers, certain employees, etc.
  • The assault was against a family member;
  • There was serious bodily injury to the victim;
  • A deadly weapon was used in the assault;
  • You threaten someone with a gun or point it at someone; or
  • The assault occurred while eluding or attempting to elude an officer or while resisting arrest.

Whatever you may have been arrested for, or charged with, it is important to take your situation as seriously as we will. We know that having a criminal record even for a “minor” crime is a big deal that can cost you job opportunities, scholarships, even housing. We will look at all the facts and evidence of your case to get at the truth — something the police do not always take the time to do — and work hard to get you the best possible outcome in your case.

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Our criminal defense attorneys represent those accused of misdemeanors, felonies, juvenile crimes, drunk driving and other traffic offenses in Cape May County including the following towns:

  • Avalon
  • Cape May
  • Ocean City (a “dry” town – meaning no alcohol can be sold within the town)
  • Sea Isle City
  • Stone Harbor
  • Wildwood (Wildwood is not a dry town, but Wildwood Crest is)

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