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Camden County Gun Charge Defense Attorney

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If you or someone you know has been charged with a gun crime in Camden County call our Camden County Gun Charge Defense Lawyers. Our lawyers have successfully handled gun offenses in Camden County. Our attorneys are aggressive, experienced attorneys who are ready and willing to fight for you.

Camden County Gun Charge Penalties

Gun laws throughout the United States differ from state to state.  For example, in Pennsylvania, in many circumstances an individual can lawfully possess and even carry a handgun. This is not the case in New Jersey. New Jersey statute 2C:39 makes it a crime to unlawfully possess a handgun without first obtaining a permit to carry the firearm. In fact, under New Jersey statute 2C:39-5 it is a crime of the second degree to carry a handgun without the proper permit to carry that handgun. That means that an individual who is convicted of unlawful possession of a weapon, specifically a handgun, faces between five and ten years in a New Jersey state prison. Additionally, the person may face a period of parole ineligibility which means that the individual will have to serve a specific amount of time in state prison before they are eligible for parole.

Camden County Gun Charge Defense

Even though an individual faces very significant penalties after a conviction for unlawful possession of a handgun, our Camden County Gun Charge Defense Lawyers may be able to reduce and even dismiss the charges in some circumstances. Depending on how the police recovered the handgun, our attorneys may be able to suppress the handgun as evidence. If the handgun is suppressed as evidence, the prosecution will not be able to use the handgun in the unlawful possession of a weapon prosecution and therefore the case should be dismissed. Suppression of a handgun typically occurs if the police officers recovered the handgun in violation of the New Jersey or Federal Constitutions. Additionally, if the prosecution lacks evidence that the individual was actually in possession of the handgun, our attorneys may be able to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges or take the case to trial and fight to obtain a not guilty verdict.

The Graves Act

The above described jail terms and specific penalties for unlawful possession of a handgun fall under a section of the law called the Graves Act. However, in some circumstances, our attorneys may be able to negotiate a graves act waiver. A graves act waiver means that the prosecution agrees to waive the mandatory prison penalties associated with the graves act and in some circumstances may agree that the individual should not be subject to any jail time.

We Can Help.

The attorneys at our firm are experienced aggressive Camden County Gun Charge Defense Lawyers. Our attorneys have handled many matters in Camden and have been successful in resolving gun cases. If you would like to speak to one of our attorneys call us today. We will take the time to discuss the charges with you, any possible defenses and how to best proceed with your Camden County Gun Charge case.


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