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What to Expect After You’ve Been Charged With Shoplifting

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Posted June 16, 2017
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Posted: January 16, 2017

Shoplifting offenses can carry severe penalties in the state of New Jersey. The Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold Township is home to many different retail stores. Unfortunately, the mall is also a place where shoplifting offenses often occur. Shoplifting offenses are prosecuted in the Freehold Township Municipal Court located at 1 Municipal Plaza in Freehold, New Jersey or the Monmouth County Superior Court, which is located at 70 Monument Street in Freehold, New Jersey.

What are the Penalties for Shoplifting in New Jersey?

Under New Jersey statute 2C:20-11, shoplifting is defined as taking possession of, or carrying away, merchandise offered for sale, stored or displayed with the purpose of depriving the merchant of the item and converting the item for an individual’s specific use. Depending on the value of the item(s) taken, shoplifting can be a crime of:

  • The second degree if the merchandise is valued over $75,000.00 dollars.
  • The third degree if the merchandise is valued over $500.00 but less than $75,000.00.
  • The fourth degree if the merchandise is valued over $200.00 but less than $500.00.
  • A disorderly persons offense if the full retail value of the merchandise is less than $200.00.

Our lawyers have handled shoplifting offenses and theft crimes throughout the state of New Jersey. We will take the time to go over the specific allegations, the potential penalties, potential defenses and possible outcomes.

If you or someone you know has been charged with shoplifting, please call our experienced attorneys in Jersey City today at 732-333-3011 to discuss the specific facts and circumstances of the charges and any potential defenses that may exist.

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Category: Theft and Property Crimes

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