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What to Do After a Drug Possession Charge

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Posted June 16, 2017
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Posted: September 9, 2016

Drug possession charges often carry a mandatory minimum sentence set up through the federal government to target drug manufacturers and distributors, but this jail time also affects first-time offenders. Our criminal defense lawyers can help you fight your drug charges and reach the best possible outcome whether it’s dismissal of your charges or a rehabilitation program. The steps you take following your arrest for drug possession could mean the difference between jail time and freedom.

These three steps can help you through the legal process:

  1. Call a drug possession lawyer. It’s important to contact a lawyer immediately after your arrest to avoid incriminating yourself. Clark & Noonan, LLC in Jersey City can help reduce or dismiss the charges you’re facing. Our experience as former prosecutors gives us a unique perspective on how to strategically build your case.
  2. Remain silent until your lawyer arrives. You have the right to remain silent and can wait for one of our lawyers to arrive before you begin answering questions.
  3. Request bond. The severity of your drug charges, the type of drug and your arrest record all have an impact on the price of your bond. Your friends and family can help cover the cost, or a bail bondsman can lend you the money. It’s vital to your bond and your case that you show up to your court date.

Our lawyers may suggest you consider entering into a pre-trial intervention program (PTI). This diversionary program freezes your case for a short amount of time. Completion of the program could mean your charges are dismissed.

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