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Middletown DWI Lawyer

Middletown New Jersey is one of the largest municipalities in New Jersey.  It is home to many individuals and also has many roadways and highways which pass through the township.  DWI charges which occur within the town are handled by the Middletown Municipal Court.  The Court is located in central Middletown.  More information about the municipal court can be obtained via their website which can be found by clicking on the following link. http://www.middletownnj.org/269/Municipal-Court

If you or someone you know would like to speak with a Middletown DWI Lawyer at our firm call our office or click on the contact us tab located on this site.  Our lawyers have successfully resolved DWI matters throughout Monmouth County as well as the state of New Jersey. We are aggressive criminal defense attorneys who are here to help.

After an individual is arrested for DWI they will be transported to the police station and often times police will request further testing to determine the person’s blood alcohol content.  One way in which police test an individual’s blood alcohol content is by using a breath test machine.  A breath test machine requires that an individual breath or blow into the machine so the machine may take a sample of the person’s breath and thereafter determine that person’s blood alcohol content.  One issue which may arise when using a breath test machine is whether the person who is taking the test has any alcohol present in their mouth when they are taking the test.  Alcohol in the mouth can occur if the person burps or vomits before taking the breath test. If that person does have alcohol in their mouth when taking the test, the results from the breath test machine may be incorrect.  The results may appear significantly higher than they actually were at the time in which the test was administered.  Obviously this potential problem with administration of a breath test and the results is specific to the facts and circumstances.  It is therefore important that you hire a qualified Middletown DWI Lawyer to represent you if you have been accused of DWI in Middletown.

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