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The Knockout Game Not A Game, Its A Crime

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Posted June 16, 2017
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Posted: November 22, 2013

What Is The Knockout game?

Some New Jersey teens are playing a new and deadly game called “Knockout.” To play, teens randomly target innocent people, shoving, pushing, hitting, or punching them to knock them down. In some cases, victims are beaten unconscious (knocked out) and at least one case has resulted in a death. The Knockout Game is not a gang-related activity nor is it hazing, but a violent game that kids are starting to copycat in cities across the nation.

In the video below one teen explains why kids play the game, “it is a macho thing.” Another (female) teen explains casually that kids think the game is funny and compares being knocked out to simply falling asleep.

Random attacks have occurred on the homeless, professionals, and even the elderly, women, and children have been victims of these random assaults. In early November 2013, a 78-year-old woman was attacked in Midwood, and 15-year-old was charged with the beating of a 50-year-old Pittsburgh man. Attacks on the rise include assaults targeting Jews in Brooklyn.

In September of this year, three Jersey City teens were charged with the beating of a homeless man who died as a result from the attack. The teens slammed 46-year-old Hoboken man, Ralph Santiago, into an iron fence. The attack was caught on video and the teens that were charged are only 13 and 14 years old.

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If your child has been charged with a crime related to playing the knockout game, you need an experienced juvenile crimes defense lawyer. Unprovoked assaults on random victims are not passed off as “youthful pranks” and your child could be charged with a serious crime.

Whatever you may have been arrested for, or charged with, it is important to take your situation as seriously as we will. We know that having a criminal record even for a “minor” crime is a big deal that can cost you job opportunities, scholarships, even housing. We will look at all the facts and evidence of your case to get at the truth — something the police do not always take the time to do — and work hard to get you the best possible outcome in your case.

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