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Holmdel DWI Lawyer

Holmdel New Jersey is a town located in Monmouth County.  Part of the Garden State Parkway runs through Holmdel.  Additionally, the PNC Bank Arts Center is located in Holmdel.  The PNC Bank Arts Center hosts many concerts which host tailgating parties before the concerts start.  Many of these tailgating parties include drinking alcohol and ultimately lead to DWI charges in Holmdel.

DWI charges in Holmdel are handled by the Holmdel Municipal Court.  Information about the court can be located on the court website which can be found by clicking this link. http://www.holmdeltownship-nj.com/135/Municipal-Court

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One issue that often comes up when an individual is stopped for DWI while they are operating their vehicle whether they are driving on the Garden State Parkway or within the PNC Bank Arts Center, is whether the officer had the legal cause to stop the vehicle and arrest the individual.   Under New Jersey and Federal law, an officer needs reasonable suspicion to stop a motor vehicle.  Reasonable suspicion means that the officer has a reasonable and articulable belief that an offense of the law may have been committed and they are therefore justified in further investigation.  A violation of the law may be as minor of a violation as a traffic offense such as speeding or can be a more serious offense like leaving the scene of an accident.  Reasonable and articulable suspicion that a violation of New Jersey law occurred justifies a motor vehicle stop.

In order to make an arrest an officer needs probable cause that an offense occurred.  Probable cause is a determination made by an officer based upon all the facts, evidence and circumstances which are present at the time.  Probable cause is a higher standard which means that the officer needs more facts and evidence to justify an arrest as opposed to justifying the stop of a motor vehicle.  In either circumstance, it is important that you hire a Holmdel DWI Lawyer to analyze the facts and circumstances of your case and determine whether the officer had a basis to stop the vehicle and thereafter make an arrest.  If the officer did not have the proper legal basis, your Holmdel DWI charge may be dismissed.

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