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Freehold Shoplifting Lawyer

Freehold New Jersey is home to a very large mall in New Jersey.  The Freehold Raceway Mall.  Unfortunately, a large amount of shoplifting arrests are made at the mall each week.  In New Jersey, shoplifting is a serious offense that can carry serious penalties upon conviction.

For a first offense shoplifting conviction an individual can face probation, fines and in some cases jail time depending upon the degree of the shoplifting offense and the individual’s prior record.

The shoplifting of goods in an amount under $200.00 is a disorderly persons offense.  This means that an individual may face up to six months in the county jail, a period of probation and or fines upon a disorderly persons shoplifting conviction.  Shoplifting goods in an amount between $200.00 and $500.00 is a fourth degree crime.  An individual may face up to 18 months in state prison, a period of probation and fines upon a fourth degree shoplifting conviction.  Shoplifting goods or merchandise in an amount between $500.00 and $75,000.00 is a third degree crime.  Upon conviction of a third degree crime an individual may face between three and five years in state prison, a period of probation, and fines.  Finally, shoplifting in an amount over $75,000.00 is a crime of the second degree.  An individual convicted of a second degree crime faces between five and ten years in a New Jersey state prison.  An individual convicted of a second degree offense is presumed to face a state prison sentence.

In some cases an individual may be eligible for a diversionary program if they are accused of shoplifting.  A diversionary program is a program that offers an individual an opportunity to have their case dismissed if they complete the program. Additionally, depending upon the evidence against the individual, a case may be able to be dismissed if there is insufficient evidence to prosecute the individual and or some of the evidence is suppressed because it was obtained without a sufficient legal basis.  All of these defenses are specific to the facts and circumstances of the specific case. Our Freehold Shoplifting lawyers will be able to analyze the facts and circumstances and provide you with legal advice.

If you or someone you know has been accused of a shoplifting offense in Freehold call our Freehold shoplifting lawyers day or night.  Our attorneys have been successfully in obtaining the dismissal of shoplifting charges in Freehold as well as many other cities and counties.  Our lawyers have a track record of success.  If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys call our office or send us a message through this site.  You can also check out our results page by clicking here.


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