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Freehold DWI Lawyer

Freehold New Jersey is located in central Monmouth County and is the county seat.  The county seat is the town or city where the Monmouth County Superior Court is located.  It is also the location where much of the town government and administration is located.  Freehold is also home to two municipal courts. Freehold Township Municipal Court and Freehold Borough Municipal Court are both located with the general area known as Freehold.

Freehold is also home to many bars and restaurants which leads to numerous DWI charges in Freehold.  A Freehold DWI offense can carry significant penalties including jail time (for certain repeat offenses) license suspension and community service.  License suspension can range from three months up to ten years.  The amount of license suspension will depend upon the persons blood alcohol content as well as whether the individual has prior convictions for DWI and how long it has been since those DWI convictions occurred.

One element that the state must prove in order to convict someone of DWI is that the person was either operating the vehicle or had the specific intent to operate the vehicle while they were intoxicated.  Depending upon the facts and circumstances, the state may have a difficult time proving that an individual was operating the vehicle or intended to operate the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.  One example where this issue may arise is when an individual is present in the vehicle but not necessarily intending to operate the vehicle because they are intoxicated but sleeping inside the vehicle.  In this circumstance, the state would have to establishing that the person either drove the vehicle while they were under the influence of alcohol before falling asleep or had the intention to drive the vehicle while still under the influence of alcohol after they woke up.  Obviously the specific facts and circumstances will determine whether the state can establish operation or intention to operate for purposes of convicting a person of DWI.

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