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Driving While Intoxicated Over the Holidays in New Jersey

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Posted June 16, 2017
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Posted: December 1, 2016

Throughout the holiday season, state police and local police will be patrolling New Jersey to locate and arrest drunk drivers. Some of the towns, which have stated they plan to deploy additional police officers in order to combat drunk driving, include Wall Township and Woodbridge Township.

According to, who obtained data from the state division of highway traffic and safety, fatal car accidents over the Thanksgiving weekend increased in 2015 when compared to data from 2014. It was unclear how many of these accidents involved allegations of drunk driving.

In New Jersey, drunk driving can be established in a variety of ways. One of the ways drunk driving can be established is through the use of a breathalyzer test—or more specifically, the Alcotest. The Alcotest is a machine that attempts to quantify an individuals blood alcohol content (BAC) by analyzing samples of that individual’s breath. The machine does an analysis of the individual’s breath after the individual provides breath samples into the machine.

However, the Alcotest is not always accurate. The Alcotest can render an inaccurate reading if the machine is not properly calibrated or if the machine is not operating properly. If either one of these situations occur, the Alcotest results may be inadmissible in a DWI prosecution. Additionally, if the Alcotest is operated by a police officer who is not certified to operate the machine, the Alcotest results may also be inadmissible in a DWI prosecution.

Obviously, determining whether the Alcotest readings are admissible and/or accurate is a technical analysis that requires knowledge and experience. Additional legal defenses to the admission of the Alcotest results may be available depending upon the specific facts and circumstances of the individual case.

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