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What are my Defenses to a Wall Township DWI?

  Wall Township, New Jersey is a busy town in Monmouth County that handles many Wall DWI matters on a monthly basis. Wall borders Jersey shore towns Belmar, and Manasquan.  Those shore towns are home to many bars and nightclubs.   Challenging the Motor Vehicle Stop. If an individual is stopped and charged with DWI in […]

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Can Police Officers Call the Dogs During a Traffic Stop?

In some circumstances, police officers may be able to summon police dogs to a traffic stop.  The reasonable and articulable suspicion that the officers possesses at the time will be the deciding factor.   Police officers are permitted to conduct a traffic stop based upon reasonable and articulable suspicion.  They are further permitted to issue […]

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Pre-Trial Intervention on a New Jersey Handgun Charge

Pre-Trial Intervention on a New Jersey Handgun Charge The attorneys at our firm have obtained admission into the Pre-Trial Intervention program for individuals who have been charged with illegal possession of a handgun under the Graves Act.   Under N.J.S.A.  2C: 43-6.2 “Exception to Mandatory Minimum Sentence”, the Attorney General Directive to Ensure Uniform Enforcement […]

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Objecting to the Laboratory Test in a Drug Case

Objecting to the Laboratory Test in a Drug Case Individuals who are charged with a drug offense may be able to object to the testing and the results of the drugs which were recovered.   N.J.S.A.2C: 35-19 states, in pertinent part:   The Attorney General of New Jersey may designate State Forensic Laboratories. These laboratories […]

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Municipal Court Reforms May Be Coming Soon

Declan O’Scanlon, R-Monmouth released bills recently that are aimed at certain municipal court reforms. In the first bill, O’Scanolon is seeking to increase the term of municipal court judges from three to five years.  The other bill which he proposed, seeks to permit certain individuals who are charged with criminal offenses, the ability to earn credits […]

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Colts Neck DWI Lawyer

Colts Neck DWI Lawyer Colts Neck is a community located in Monmouth County, New Jersey.  The town of Colts Neck was filled with many horse farms and vacant land several decades ago.  Over the subsequent years, many new homes and developments have been built in Colts Neck.  Additionally, major highways such as Highway 34 and […]

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Middletown DWI Lawyer

Middletown DWI Lawyer Middletown New Jersey is one of the largest municipalities in New Jersey.  It is home to many individuals and also has many roadways and highways which pass through the township.  DWI charges which occur within the town are handled by the Middletown Municipal Court.  The Court is located in central Middletown.  More […]

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Holmdel DWI Lawyer

Holmdel DWI Lawyer Holmdel New Jersey is a town located in Monmouth County.  Part of the Garden State Parkway runs through Holmdel.  Additionally, the PNC Bank Arts Center is located in Holmdel.  The PNC Bank Arts Center hosts many concerts which host tailgating parties before the concerts start.  Many of these tailgating parties include drinking […]

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Hazlet DWI Lawyer

Hazlet DWI Lawyer Hazlet New Jersey is a large municipality located in Monmouth County.  Hazlet has many highways that run through the township.  Therefore, the Hazlet police department arrest many individuals each and every month for DWI.  If you or someone you know has been charged with DWI in Hazlet call a Hazlet DWI lawyer […]

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Freehold DWI Lawyer

Freehold New Jersey is located in central Monmouth County and is the county seat.  The county seat is the town or city where the Monmouth County Superior Court is located.  It is also the location where much of the town government and administration is located.  Freehold is also home to two municipal courts. Freehold Township […]

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