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Burglary and thefts are the most frequently committed crimes in Avalon. Theft crimes include shoplifting, robbery, petty and grand theft, white collar crimes, forgery, and identity theft. But every day in Avalon police also arrest people for everything from minor traffic offenses to violent crimes such as assault, home invasion, and even manslaughter or murder.

Our attorneys are former prosecutors who have the experience necessary to represent you in any type of criminal case in trial or appeal in a superior court, or in a municipal court. Call us today at 732-303-7857 to arrange a free consultation.

Avalon Municipal Court Offenses

In addition to handling felonies and cases heard by the superior court, we represent clients in all types of cases that are handled by the Avalon Municipal Court system including:

Superior Court Offenses

The Superior Court system in New Jersey is sometimes called the “trial court” because it is where trials take place.  It also includes the appellate law division, where appeals are made.

Not every criminal case is decided by a trial. Many cases are resolved through a plea bargain. In a plea bargain, the defendant agrees to plead guilty by admitting that he or she committed a crime. In return, the prosecutor asks the judge to impose a sentence that is less severe than if the defendant had gone to trial and been convicted. The judge, however, is not required to agree to the recommendation and may choose to ignore it. A plea bargain ensures that a guilty defendant is punished. Plea bargains can be entered either before or even during the trial.

Trial Lawyers with Experience

Whatever you may have been arrested for, or charged with, it is important to take your situation as seriously as we will. We know that having a criminal record even for a “minor” crime is a big deal that can cost you job opportunities, scholarships, even housing. We will look at all the facts and evidence of your case to get at the truth — something the police do not always take the time to do — and work hard to get you the best possible outcome in your case.

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